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Just Another Monday

on April 16, 2012

We kicked off the week with a day full of reading, working, playing, and learning — busy, fun, and altogether ordinary. We read today’s Bible story, began learning this week’s verse, and did a lesson in Get Ready for the Code before breakfast. Little Bear watched an episode of Sid the Science Kid while I dressed Baby Bear and got a couple of packages ready to mail. Then, we headed outside for some fresh morning air and sunshine.

Little Bear wanted to draw and write on her easel:

Young artist

Baby Bear just wanted to fuss … and nurse. So we headed back inside to tend to her perceived needs. Little Bear asked me to read, and we tackled yet another stack of garden-themed books while I got a certain grumpy little person to sleep:


Building a nest ...

After lunch, Little Bear spent some time building with MagnaTiles and playing with Baby Bear. She did a couple of tracing activities and a couple of logic exercises. Then, we headed outside for more fresh air and sunshine. This time, Little Bear wanted to build a nest and pretend she was a bird. Baby Bear happily cruised along the sidewalk for awhile, then wandered around the yard collecting twigs, leaves, and anything else she could find to pick up. None of the girls’ usual playmates were outside this afternoon, so when Little Bear tired of playing alone, we headed back inside. Little Bear drew a picture, looked through some books, and entertained herself with dress-up play and yet more building.

Tending the plants

Sometimes a girl's just gotta twirl ...

We headed outside one final time this evening to tend our plants and get mail. Of course, no errand is quick with two little ones in tow, and this one was no exception. Though the mailbox is, at most, 10 yards from our front door, the cubs wanted to take the “long” way home, circling the entire apartment block. A still-dressed up Little Bear danced and twirled, sending her hat flying at least a dozen times and watching her skirt fly in the breeze. Baby Bear cackled at her sister’s antics and did her best to keep pace. Then, we headed back inside so that Little Bear could do her lesson and practice writing this week’s letter Nn.

We wrapped up our day’s activities with some number fun. First, we counted out the date in Duplos. Little Bear observed that the number 16 was made up of one ten and six ones.

1 ten, 6 ones

Next, we explored various number groups that equaled sixteen. We used our blocks to discover that 16 could be made up two groups of eight (and that 8 equaled 1/2 of 16), four groups of four (and that four equaled 1/4 of sixteen), and eight groups of two.

Counting to 16 ...

Next, we pulled out a number train floor puzzle. Little Bear put it together on her on, then raced to find numbers as I called them out.

Number hunt

We ended the day with a number memory game. I asked Little Bear if she’d like to pick some bedtime stories, but she just wanted to curl up in the recliner and snuggle with Mommy. Ten minutes later, she was asleep.

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