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Two Sick Cubs

on April 18, 2012

Both cubs are once again battling upper respiratory infections. In fact, a relatively unproductive day turned into a late night in the ER yesterday when Little Bear’s fever surpassed the 105-degree mark. Two rounds of antibiotics (including injections at the ER), plus half a bottle of ibuprofen later, both cubs have more “normal” fevers, but still feel miserable. And so, despite my plans for the week, the cubs have spent the past couple of days sleeping, crying, listening to stories, whining, watching television, and playing just enough to make a mess, albeit not necessarily in that order.

Nn is for nature lover

We did go outside for about half an hour this morning so that the girls could get a bit of fresh air and sunshine. Little Bear inspected her flowers, then hunted for nests and nuts to accompany our letter Nn studies. In the process of searching for birds’ nests (all of which were far above our heads), we encountered a baby dove who’d either fallen or been pushed from the nest too soon:

Too little to fly

Shortly thereafter, s/he was joined by a sibling, while a concerned parent circled above them. There was no way we could return them to their nest, so we tossed generous handfuls of bird seed in their direction and hoped for the best.

Back indoors, we read The Best Nest and A Nest Full of Eggs. We looked at pictures of different types of nests and watched a video clip of a robin building a nest. Little Bear completed math and phonics lessons, then spent about 20 minutes on We read at least a dozen other books over the course of the day, plus watched a couple of hours worth of educational television. I realized just how little we’d accomplished today (and, correspondingly, how bad the girls were feeling) after bath time tonight. See the mini-Duplo mess below? That was the ONLY toy mess either of the cubs created all day long.

Little builder -- or demolitions expert

Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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