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Running on Fumes …

on April 19, 2012

I’m beginning to realize that there’s a direct correlation between sleep and creativity … and enthusiasm … and patience.

Unfortunately, no one in this house has had a decent night’s sleep all week. Both girls are still feverish, congested, and cranky, and their grown-ups aren’t too far behind them.

We started our day today with yet another check-up only to discover that Little Bear’s respiratory issues had gotten worse in the day and a half since our night at the ER. Two long hours, two breathing treatments, and an ENT referral later, we left the clinic and headed to a medical supply store to get a nebulizer for home use. Then, it was on to the pharmacy, where (1) the computer system was down so the pharmacist had to phone the insurance company before filling Little Bear’s $300+ prescription and (2) the pharmacy had only enough medicine to fill half the prescription today.

And when I say we “started our day” at the doctor’s office, I mean exactly that. After a restless night last night, both girls slept later than usual this morning and had to be awakened in order for us to get to their appointment on time. I handed Little Bear a cup of juice as we walked out the door and promised her breakfast after her check-up, never imagining that it would be nearly lunch time before we left the doctor’s office.

I did grab the girls’ activity bag on the way out the door, but in keeping with the whole “no sleep = no creativity” theory, today’s activities consisted of a wipe-off alphabet book, a generic preschool workbook, a couple of story books, a set of beginning readers, and a couple of bean bags. I realized after we got to the clinic that the picture books I’d grabbed off the sofa and stuck in the bag were actually books we’d read the day before. Thankfully, they were favorites that Little Bear was happy to hear again. Over the course of the morning, Little Bear …

  • listened to Flap Your Wings and The Best Nest.
  • practiced this week’s letter Nn in My Alphabet Book Wipe-Off® Book, reviewed last week’s letter Mm, then backed up to the beginning of the book and practiced letters Aa-Dd.
  • completed several beginning sounds worksheets out of School Zone’s Big Preschool Workbook; grew bored with worksheets, cut up completed pages and sorted pictures according to initial sound.
  • followed along as I read Eddie the Raccoon: Brand New Readers, then read three of the four books to me.
  • tossed a bean bag back and fourth with her sister.
  • attempted to balance a bean bag on top of her head as she walked.

Once home, our somewhat-productive-but-not-exciting day continued. Little Bear …

  • completed 4 pages in Get Ready for the Code – Book A.
  • completed a lesson on items that go together in Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics and reviewed the concept with Ravensburger’s Can You Match It? picture association game.
  • made up mini-stories based on randomly drawn animal and object cards. (We’ve re-purposed a Memory game for this activity. Instead of making matches, we take turns drawing two cards — one an animal and one an object — then making up a short story that involves both items.)
  • completed cutting and pasting exercises out of Kumon First Steps workbooks.
  • sorted puzzle pieces (after half a dozen small jigsaw puzzles got dumped together) and re-assembled puzzles.
  • built with Magnatiles.
  • hunted for insects.
  • watched an episode of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That and an episode of Super Why! (entertainment makes breathing treatments a lot more tolerable).

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