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Saturday Fun

on April 21, 2012

The cubs woke up fever free this morning, and after two weeks with no playground time, Little Bear was beginning to go through withdrawal. So we spent today as a beautiful spring Saturday should be spent: We played.

We played at the park:

Bliss ...

We climbed, we swung, we skipped, we slid, we ran, and we laughed.

Making music ...

Love that smile!

First one foot, then the other ...










How did she get up there?!?

We played at home:

We played in the yard. We fed the birds. We drew with sidewalk chalk. We watered our flowers and sampled the leaves on our peppermint plant. We dug in the dirt. We watched the squirrels. We played in the house. We built a Duplo barn and filled it with wooden farm Anamalz. We did a wooden farm animal jigsaw puzzle. We played our wooden percussion instruments while singing “Old MacDonald had a Farm.” Baby Bear climbed the toy shelves and played the role of a villain, toppling stacking cup towers, hurling Oballs, and raining interlocking plastic monkeys down on an unsuspecting MagnaTile village. Little Bear donned a play silk cape and played the part of a superhero, rushing in to rescue the toys and restore order to the living room.

Last but not least, we read:

Growing a reader ...

We read in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The girls shared stories with Mommy and with Daddy. We read about day and night, about nocturnal animals, about gardening, and and about farm life. Little Bear identified animals, while Baby Bear tried to mimic their sounds. At the end of the day, we accomplished a little learning, a lot of fun, and a whole lot of family time. What could make for a better Saturday?

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