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Animal Adventures

on April 22, 2012

A number of community groups come together each year and sponsor an afternoon children’s fair, complete with petting zoo, at one of the local parks. This year’s fair coincided with our farm theme, and Little Bear was overjoyed to be able to see and pet some of the animals about which we’ve read over the past week. The girls got to see a nanny goat and five kids, a couple of sheep, a ram, a miniature horse, two donkeys, and several chicks and rabbits.

Three kids ...

Little Bear wanted to pet all of the animals. Baby Bear was ready for a nap, and showed surprisingly little interest in the four-legged creatures surrounding her … with the exception, that is, of the donkeys.

Pet the donkey

Kiss the donkey

Found a pillow!









Little Bear also got a first-hand look at some unique insects, rodents, and reptiles, courtesy of our local nature center. She kept her distance from the tarantula guarding the ticket counter, but would quite happily have brought the bearded dragon home with her. She also had no qualms whatsoever about petting a yellow python.

"No, you may NOT have one!"

Gentle touches ...






Both girls also had the opportunity to play some traditional African drums. They each played their own for awhile, then decided it was more fun to play together.

Joyful noise!

Of course, no trip to the park would be complete without a bit of playground time, so we briefly traded the happy chaos of the fair for the relative calm of the playground. We didn’t spend much time there since (1) it was nearly 90 degrees and (2) we’d been the day before. But a little bit of wildly energetic free play was just what the girls needed to wind down. Little Bear was soon ready to head for the car (by way of the tractor ride, the face-painting booth, the sundae-making station, and a couple of carnival-style games), and although Baby Bear briefly protested the end of fun and games, she settled down into her stroller and fell asleep within minutes.

On the go!

Making memories ...

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