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Good-bye Nn, Hello Oo

on April 23, 2012

With our “letter of the week” in danger of becoming our “letter of the month,” I made an executive decision today to wrap up our letter Nn activities so that we could move on to the letter Oo.

We’d read about nocturnal animals over the weekend, and Little Bear had especially enjoyed Where Are the Night Animals?, part of the Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out-Science series. Today, we made a list of all the nocturnal animals she could think of, re-read Where Are the Night Animals? and added to the list, then sorted pictures of animals into nocturnal and diurnal categories.

Nature makes the best toys!

We rolled two dice, added the dots, then put a corresponding number of plastic Easter eggs in a playsilk “nest.”

Little Bear gathered acorns (nuts) and arranged them in the shape of an N. She also counted out the date in nuts.

We snacked on celery sticks filled with nut butters (peanut and almond).

We pulled out our bin of toy instruments and made a lot of noise. (This was, undoubtedly, Baby Bear’s favorite activity of the day.)

We went on a quiet nature walk, observing squirrels, birds, trees, insects, trees, and flowers.

Little Bear practiced reading and spelling words in the -an and -un word families.

Finally, we talked about the differences between night and day as we observed a beautiful sunset.

In other activities, Little Bear completed her next lesson, enjoyed some Earth Day activities on, and completed two more preschool lessons on We read Earth Day (Rookie Read-About Holidays) and Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!, then talked about ways we could help take care of the earth. We carried a trash bag along and picked up litter during our nature walk. We also continued our farm theme study. Today’s farm-themed read-alouds included:

Baby Bear is beginning to take more interest in our read-aloud time, so I’m making an effort to include more toddler books in our routine. We also pulled out an old set of Melissa & Doug Farm Sound Blocks. Little Bear “showed” Baby Bear how to match the blocks (read “did it for her”), while Baby Bear watched wide-eyed and squealed happily each time she heard an animal sound.

Last but not least, we headed outside for some fresh air, sunshine, and fun with friends. The girls fed the birds, watered the plants, chased butterflies, danced around the yard, climbed on everything they could find to climb on, colored with sidewalk chalk, tossed a balloon around until it popped, drew in the dirt, put Mommy’s stain removal skills to the test, and had a great time doing it.


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