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A Break from the Heat

on May 8, 2012

Given Little Bear’s new-found interest in chapter books, I dug my collection of Magic Treehouse books out of storage over the weekend and began reading Polar Bears Past Bedtime to her yesterday afternoon. At her insistence, we finished reading it before breakfast this morning. We assembled our world map puzzle, located the polar regions, and named as many polar animals as we could think of.

Little Bear sweetly asked to watch television this morning, and I let her. More often than not, I ask her to wait until after schoolwork, but “after schoolwork” has a way of becoming “after lunch” and “after rest time,” by which time there’s nothing on that I deem appropriate for a not-quite-4-year-old. This morning, we simply took time to enjoy an episode of Curious George and The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That.

By the time her shows ended, a steady night of rain had given way to a cool, moist day. We stepped outside just long enough to observe the weather, feel the damp grass, squish a handful of mud, and help an earthworm find its way back to the lawn. We came in and read about weather, climates, and the water cycle in our Kingfisher First Encyclopedia and Weather and Climate: Geography Facts and Experiments (Young Discoverers Series). We also read about different types of clouds and took time to identify the clouds we saw in the sky.

Moving on, Little Bear completed a couple of math lessons, a phonics lesson, a cutting exercise, two tracing pages, and a couple of pasting activities. Little Bear has been exploring relationships between objects in math, so we pulled Ravensburger’s Can You Match It?, a picture association game/puzzle, off the shelf for some hands-on review. We also continued reading in My First Hands-On Bible and discussed the purpose of rules.

Baby Bear took a rare nap in the bed this afternoon, giving Little Bear and I some equally rare “just the two of us” time. Instead of our usual afternoon story time, I pulled a pony-themed sticker mosaic kit out of the closet, and we sat down together to tackle the first project. She can and has done these projects alone in the past, and she could have done the same today. But sometimes, having Mommy’s undivided attention trumps being able to say “I did it all by myself!” … and today was one of those days.

Rounding out the day, Little Bear completed a couple more lessons on, and we enjoyed yet more read aloud time, this time with picture books.

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