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A Well-Spent Saturday

on May 12, 2012

A bit of magic

Little Bear woke up too early this morning and entertained herself by making a Mother’s Day card while her Mommy caught an extra half hour’s sleep. She watched an episode of Busytown Mysteries, while Mommy had a cup of coffee. Then, we headed outside to enjoy beautiful spring morning.

The girls …

  • fed and chased the birds.
  • helped replant some of our plants that had been uprooted by torrential rainfall.
  • used a magnifying glass to examine a hill of ants.
  • hunted for wildflowers.
  • examined empty eggshells from a bird’s nest.
  • played in the wet dirt.
  • rode their ride-on toys.
  • blew bubbles.
  • played with the neighbor kids.
  • watched the squirrels.

While we were playing, Daddy Bear ran errands. He came home with a box of doughnuts and a copy of Chipwrecked (free with the Redbox Mother’s Day coupon code), so we enjoyed a rare family movie afternoon complete with snacks.

Following the movie, both girls wanted to read. We read board books until Baby Bear grew tired of listening, then Little Bear and I read continued on in our current chapter book, The Bobbsey Twins’ Adventure in the Country. Next, we headed to the office for some rough-housing and family fun with Daddy, but with books surrounding them, the cubs soon quit playing and began to pull yet more books off the shelf. … Almost every activity in this house, it seems, either begins or ends with reading!

The day’s fun gave way to a more painful learning experience when Little Bear’s curiosity got the best of her. I heard a deafening scream in the dining room and ran to find her clutching her right index finger. She’d stood on one of her toys and reached across a counter into the kitchen to touch a hot burner. “I just wanted to see how hot it got,” she finally managed to say. Suffice it to say, the burner was HOT. A cold water bath, followed by aloe, topical anesthetic, and a dose of ibuprofen relieved most of the pain, but this is one hands-on learning experience Mommy prays we never repeat!

We snuggled in the recliner for more reading time and a Fancy Nancy game while we waited for the pain meds to do their work. At last, Little Bear declared that her finger felt better, and she was off to play again. This time, she stuck with “safe” activities — building with Duplos, playing in her play kitchen, and doing puzzles. And so ended another week.

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