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MagnaTile Math

on May 15, 2012

Little Bear loves to build and loves to work with numbers, so today, we pulled out her MagnaTiles and used them to help her visualize different number concepts. We began by using the tiles to replicate shapes shown in her math book, a task that proved more challenging for her than I anticipated:

Copying shapes

Next, she used the same number of tiles to create shapes of her own, a task she found much more enjoyable:

The many faces of 4

As she worked with the tiles, she noted the various tile combinations that added up to our target number. She found that 0+4=4, 1+3=4, 2+2=4, 3+1=4, and 0+4=4. She did the same for the numbers 3 and 5.

In other work, Little Bear practiced her cutting and pasting skills with pages from our Kumon First Steps workbooks. We counted out the date in alphabet blocks, then used the blocks Little Bear selected to build three-letter words. We watched an episode of Sid the Science Kid that tied into this week’s pet theme. We read a chapter in Little House in the Big Woods, several chapters from the third Bobbsey Twins book, and a stack of pet-themed picture books.

We took a break from most of our written work today, and Little Bear instead spent the better part of an hour sculpting with Play-Doh.  After lunch, we took advantage of the relatively cool weather and spent plenty of time outside, watching a squirrel, feeding the bird, playing in the moist soil, and playing with friends. Play eventually moved indoors, where the kids played a variety of board games, built with wooden blocks, and raced toy cars around the living room.

Wrapping up the day’s fun, Little Bear enjoyed a dinner date (and subsequent grocery shopping) with Daddy, while a teething Baby Bear stayed home with Mommy for extra snuggles and an extra nap.

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