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Quiet Places

on May 17, 2012

Qq is for quiet

Little Bear’s weekend encounter with the stove has limited our written work this week, but we’ve still found time for some hands-on fun that doesn’t involve a pencil.

We’ve begun working with bar graphs in math. As an introduction, I’ve been bagging up small toys, then letting her pull them out one by one, sort them, and count them. We’ve graphed them together, using both a written bar graph and a Duplo graph.

Exploring bar graphs

We’ve continued reading Little House in the Big Woods and The Secret at the Seashore, along with several pet-themed books. We’ve talked about caring for pets, done pet-themed puzzles, and built a Magna-Tile dog house for one of our Pound Puppies.

We’ve spent time outside, counting leaves, flowers, birds, squirrels, butterflies, and whatever else happens to catch Little Bear’s fancy. We’ve made more/less comparisons. We’ve also added birds to squirrels, mourning doves to sparrows, and yellow flowers to pink.

Little Bear hasn’t practiced writing this week’s letter on paper, but as she was playing outside today, she wanted to try writing it in the dirt:

The letter Qq

On a more practical note, we’ve had the opportunity to babysit a precious newborn several days this week, and both girls have learned from the experience. Little Bear is a year older than she was when her sister was born and is better able to recognize the needs of newborns and help ensure that those needs are met. She’s fascinated with how tiny this baby is and loves comparing the baby to her little sister. Baby Bear has been learning how to share Mommy’s attention with someone smaller and more helpless. Both girls are fascinated by our little guest and could spend hours just observing her.

With summer on the horizon and Daddy Bear currently on break between semesters, we’ve slowed down on formal “work” and may slow down even more in the weeks ahead. Learning is a part of life, though, and as such, learning will always be taking place, whether through play, exploration, discovery, travel, casual reading, creative moments, or textbook study.

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