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Qq is for Queen

on May 22, 2012

Qq is for Queen

A queen and her kingdom

This morning was simply too beautiful to stay inside. So we headed outdoors with a copy of Esther: The Brave Queen, read the story, and enacted parts of it while enjoying fresh air and sunshine. Baby Bear might not have understood much of the story, but she certainly enjoyed relieving Queen Vashti of her crown, then crowning Queen Esther!

Of course, Little Bear also had to take time to hunt for wildflowers, count the birds, and watch the squirrels while we were outside. And no morning would be complete without feeding the birds and simply taking time to run and enjoy the less-than-100 degree weather.

Once back inside, we made time for a rhyming word game, some letter Qq writing practice, and a couple of read-alouds before Mommy made a much-needed grocery run. This afternoon, Little Bear got some fine motor skill practice while completing a pet-themed sticker activity. She completed a lesson in her phonics book, played with pattern blocks, and watched an episode of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That while Baby Bear napped.

The girls played while I prepped dinner. Then, we headed to the pool for some more fresh air, sunshine, and late afternoon fun:

A great way to end the day



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