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All in a Day’s Work

on June 8, 2012

In an effort to organize our (usually) happy chaos, I set up a workbox system this past week while Little Bear was at Vacation Bible School. VBS ended yesterday, so today was the first test of the new system. All in all, I’d say it went pretty well. The girls were scheduled for photographs this morning, and by the time we left that appointment, Baby Bear was in sore need of a nap. Despite not starting on the day’s work until after lunch, Little Bear still …

  • reviewed months, days, before/after, and ordinal numbers during calendar time. We also counted out eight Magna-Tiles (since today was the eighth), divided the stack in half, used the tiles to find various number combinations that equaled eight, and created an AB pattern with the tiles.
  • completed coloring, cutting, pasting, and paper-folding activities.
  • reviewed the letter Rr. We read Rosey Rabbit’s Radish, the Alpha Tales letter Rr story, and hunted for /r/ words throughout the book. Little Bear completed a visual discrimination worksheet, coloring all the spaces that contained R or r, and a beginning sounds worksheet, cutting and pasting pictures that began with /r/. She also practiced writing both uppercase and lowercase Rr on her Magna-Doodle.
  • used a magnetic fishing pole to “catch” the bugs on her Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Bug Catching Game — more fine motor practice! She identified each of the bugs as well.
  • reviewed the characteristics of an insect, examined a roly-poly, and discovered that roly-polys are not insects.
  • shared in the following read-alouds in our ongoing bug study:

We had a “relatively” cool day, with highs only in the low 90s. Next week’s forecast calls for triple digit weather, so we also spent as much time outside today as possible. Little Bear enjoyed an hour of sand play and fun with the neighbor kids while Baby Bear napped. We headed out again after lunch for another half an hour of fun with the girls’ ride-on toys. Last but not least, we hit the pool this evening for one more hour of fresh air and active play before dinner and bedtime routine.

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