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on June 7, 2012

Little Bear has been attending Vacation Bible School this week with one of her friends. She gets nervous about going in her regular Sunday School class at our church when there are, in her words, “too many kids,” so I was not at all sure how she would handle the chaos of VBS at an unfamiliar church where she knew only one other child. She wanted to go, though, so we decided to give it a try. … She not only made it through the week, but thoroughly enjoyed it. She came home each day, eager to tell us about her morning and sing the songs she was learning.

Coincidentally, the church was raising money to buy mosquito nets to help protect children in a developing nation from malaria. Along with being a great project, this activity meshed beautifully with our insect theme. As Little Bear has grown more interested in insects, she’s asked the obvious questions of “So, why are people scared of insects?” and “Why do people hurt insects?” It’s one thing to tell her that bees sting, locusts destroy, and mosquitoes carry diseases. It’s altogether different for her to truly catch a glimpse of the harm that such tiny creatures can do.

For now, we’re spending some time distinguishing between helpful and harmful insects. Moving beyond this week’s theme, though, I think we’ll be pulling A Life Like Mine: How Children Live Around the World off the shelf in coming weeks and once again reflecting on how greatly blessed we are.

On a lighter note, we did find time for a bit of schoolwork after Little Bear got home from VBS today. Today’s activities included …

  • tracing a bee’s path to its hive, cutting along the path of a firefly, and completing coloring, pasting, and paper-folding activities.
  • reading about racoons in our Christian Liberty Nature Reader, re-reading The Kissing Hand for the umpteenth time, practicing uppercase R formation, and coloring a picture of a raccoon.
  • playing a quick game of Funny Bugs Dominoes.
  • learning about tropical insects and completing two insect-themed spreads in our Jungle World sticker book.
  • sharing the following read-alouds:

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