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Working with Workboxes

on June 12, 2012

We’ve been using our new workbox system for just a few days, but it’s already improved the “flow” of our days. The day’s work can be laid out (complete with all needed materials) after the cubs go to bed at night, and Little Bear can complete at least part of the day’s work independently — great for those times when Mommy is busy with a teething Baby Bear or laundry or dishes, etc.

Here’s what we tackled today:


We began the day by reading the story of Ruth together. Little Bear then colored her coloring page while I fixed breakfast and sorted laundry.

Calendar Time

Alphabetizing letter beads

We counted up to June 12th using ordinal numbers and added the number 12 to our calendar. We reviewed the days of the week, spelled “Tuesday,” identified yesterday and tomorrow (reviewing the concepts of before and after), and sang our monthly calendar song. We used the marker to fill in our calendar companion chart.

Little Bear then counted out twelve alphabet beads, corresponding to the date, and put them in alphabetical order. We used the beads to practice ordinal numbers (“Which letter is first?” “Which letter is tenth?” etc.) and review initial/final sounds (“Which sound do you hear first in ‘walrus,’ ‘watermelon,’ and ‘wave’?” “Which sound do you hear last in ‘car’ and ‘door’?”). Last but not least, Little Bear sorted the beads by color and strung the red and yellow beads in an AB pattern.

Bug hunt

Observing ants


We’ve attempted this activity for the past three days with only limited success. Apparently, even the bugs think it’s too hot to be outside right now! (With triple digit highs, who can blame them???) Little Bear did spot a couple of ants outside an ant hill yesterday, but we’ve had better luck finding bugs in the pool lately than on the ground. Of course, as far as the girls are concerned, any excuse to get outside is a good one, no matter how hot the weather. Today’s bug hunt morphed into sandbox time with the neighbor kids, always a good thing!


We’re still painstakingly working our way through some number formation (aka handwriting) pages in math — NOT Little Bear’s favorite activity. In an effort to make the tedious writing practice more palatable, I try to include a “fun” activity with each day’s writing practice. Today, she got to use Wikki Stix to shape numbers 1-5 after completing her handwriting practice.

Motor work

After math came more fine motor work, this time of a more pleasant nature. Little Bear used a magnetic fishing pole to “catch” the bugs in her puzzle, then tried putting them back the same way. (She ultimately decided it was easier to use her hands.) Next, she completed a couple of insect-themed sticker pages.


Our final box went uncompleted today. Little Bear crawled up in my lap to read more in our current chapter book read-aloud, The Bobbsey Twins’ Mystery at School, while Baby Bear napped. We ended up reading until Baby Bear woke up. (It’s hard to find a good stopping place in a mystery!) By then, the girls were ready for snacks, play time, and pool time. One more thing I love about the workbox system: Anything we don’t finish one day will still be sitting there, ready for us to tackle the next day.

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