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A Full Friday

on February 10, 2012

Jessica's Handiwork

Both girls are still under the weather, but we’ve gotten so far off our usual schedule this week that I wanted Little Bear to get at least a bit of her “normal” work done. We read about our sense of hearing this morning and examined a diagram of the ear. We ¬†brainstormed a list of quiet and loud sounds. Little Bear also tried to identify random sounds I played on the computer. Finally, I pulled out her hand bells and helped her order them from the lowest pitch to the highest.

Shortly before lunch, I pulled her cutting and coloring workbooks off the shelf.¬†As a rule, we try to do our core fine motor activities — cutting, pasting, coloring, and tracing — at least every other day. Otherwise, I tend to see a marked decline in the quality of work. Today, though, she surprised me. Although she hadn’t used scissors in the better part of a week, her cutting work today was quite good. Her coloring page, also, was completed neatly. Slowly, but surely, we’re making progress. She’s learning to take time and do her best.

Letter Hh Houses

This afternoon, we made houses from the letter Hh and talked about ways to make a house a happy home. Jessica allowed that a house needed a Mommy, a Daddy, kids, love, food, water, “and nothing else” to make a happy home. Simplistic? Perhaps. But sweet, innocent, and probably more accurate than a lot of grown-up lists would be!

We also brainstormed a list of words that start with Hh, and she came up with the following: hot, hug, heart, house, hand, horse, hippo, head, hair, hit, hen, hear, hurt, high, hat, hello, here, help, half, ham, honey, hay, hula hoop, hill, hum, Halloween, hedgehog, helicopter, hive.

Hula Hoop Toss

Late this afternoon, we headed outdoors for some more hula hoop and hopping fun. After a short-lived hula hoop hurling contest and a hula hoop roll, we took turns tossing bean bags into a hula hoop. After each round, Little Bear counted the number of bean bags inside the hoop and the number outside and made more/less comparisons. Finally, she arranged the bean bags in numerical order and hopped from bean bag to bean bag while singing a hopping song.

Bean Bag Hop

Formal work aside, Little Bear continued work on her sticker mosaic tiara, completed a magnetic counting book, laced alphabet beads in ABC order, colored Valentine hearts, tried to teach Baby Bear how to do the Hokey Pokey, spent some time with her ABC Eye Spy Bag, and transformed the living room into a bean bag toss arena — all in all, a full and well-spent day.

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  1. Debbie Olson says:

    So, no goldfish or puppies needed? Strange. . . ;-}

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