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Good-bye, Insects!

on June 18, 2012

Over the past two weeks, Little Bear has gone full circle from shrieking and running at the sight of a bug, to squealing and running after any insect foolish enough to cross her path. We now have to rescue bugs from the pool … and the apartment … and the hot sidewalk.

Given her new-found fascination with critters who creep or crawl, moving on to another theme has proven more challenging than I anticipated. We squeezed as much bug fun as possible into the weekend, but still had a handful of untouched projects in our workboxes. We spent the morning at the library, rounding up books for our upcoming study of the solar system, then came home and shelved those books so that we could (at Little Bear’s request) spend one more day on bugs.

Little Bear practiced writing the number five and used bug stickers to make groups of five.

We made insects out of Play-Doh. We made sure that we gave each one a head, a thorax, and abdomen, and six pipe cleaner legs.

Little Bear and her ladybug car

We curled up together with a copy of Usborne’s The Big Bug Searchand hunted for bugs as long as Little Bear’s 3-year-old attention span allowed. (Mommy appreciated being able to hunt for bugs from the air-conditioned comfort of the recliner after last week’s repeated outdoor bug hunts in the sweltering Texas heat!)

Little Bear colored a ladybug, completed her wipe-off insect-themed tracing pages yet again, and completed bee and butterfly lacing cards.

We pulled out our last insect-themed craft kit (a ladybug car) and followed directions to assemble it. We stocked up on Alex Little Hands Craft Kits during Barnes & Noble’s Black Friday sale last year, and while I’ve been less than thrilled with some of the kits, Little Bear loves them — to the point that I’ll probably pick up another half dozen or so the next time they’re half price. Just look at her showing off her car. How could any mom resist that smile?… even if the glue included with the kits isn’t worth using, even if the stickers are somewhat thin, even if the projects require a little more adult assistance than this non-crafty Mommy might like!

Last but not least, we shared the following read-alouds (along with several chapters of The Bobbsey Twins and the Mystery at Snow Lodge):


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