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Little Writer

on July 14, 2012

My child who loathes handwriting practiced handwriting for nearly two hours today. Yes, it’s Saturday. No, I didn’t make her write. In fact, I didn’t even suggest it. She picked up her MagnaDoodle, drew for a few minutes, then decided to write her name.

“Oops! I made a mistake!” I heard her say to herself. “I need to erase and try again.”

It took her a few tries to get all the letters of her name on one line of her MagnaDoodle, but she kept writing, erasing, and trying again until she got it just the way she wanted in. Then, she looked up and asked, “Mommy, how do you spell {my baby sister’s name}?” I spelled it for her, and she repeated the write, erase, re-write process. Then, she moved on to my name and her father’s name.

About the time she finished, she decided that she should include a family picture along with our names, but the writing surface of her MagnaDoodle was full. Without a second thought, she erased the names she’d so carefully written, drew a picture of her family and started again. She soon discovered, however, that she couldn’t fit all of our names on the board with her picture, so she erased everything and started from scratch a third time, all without a word of complaint.

To an outsider, writing four names several times over might not sound like much. But this is my child who has cried over being asked to write a single row of numbers in a math book, who has complained time and again that writing letters in her phonics book was “just too hard” — and she was writing happily.

After finishing and showing off her work, she erased and wrote our names a fourth time.

Eventually, Baby Bear awoke from her afternoon nap, and Little Bear set her MagnaDoodle aside for a couple of hours while we played in the pool with friends. After a bath and a snack, though, she sat down to write our names a fifth time.

Was her writing perfect? No, her S’s were backwards, and she mixed uppercase and lowercase letters. But she was writing — working to the best of her ability and doing it solely because she wanted to. What a joy to see my little girl embrace new challenges in her own time!

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