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First Art

on July 24, 2012

There’s something about the word “free” that draws me like a mosquito to a bug zapper. So when I heard about Crayola’s My First Crayola summer contest, I dutifully filled out the entry form … and promptly forgot about it. …

Until today. When FedEx showed up at the door with a box bearing the Crayola logo. DH asked whether to open it in front of the girls or put it up for later, and I shrugged my shoulders in genuine confusion. “I haven’t ordered anything,” I replied. Then, I remembered the contest.

“But I did enter a contest on their Facebook page last month,” I continued. “You know, one of those contests where you fill out the entry form and never hear anything more about it?”

He handed me the package and allowed, “Well, I guess you just heard more about it.”

We didn’t win the $1,000 Amazon gift card they awarded as a grand prize, but we did get a cute little My First Crayola No Mess Marker and Paper Set. Baby Bear immediately began clamoring for the marker (which looked like a cow), so I handed it to her. It took a couple of minutes for her to understand that it was to draw with — not to chew, toss, or hammer with. But once she understood its purpose, she promptly put her new tool to work:

Little artist

I have to say that this product is probably not one I would have purchased had I simply seen it in a store. It’s comprised of one solitary marker and 15 sheets of paper, and it retails for $7.99. Something in my admittedly cheap frugal genetic make-up rebels at the thought of spending roughly $0.60 per page after tax so that my 14-month-old can scribble. But after seeing my child actually use this product, I may well consider purchasing a replacement in the future (especially if it’s on sale!). She loved it. She was overjoyed to be coloring like her big sister. And I loved the fact that she could scribble to her heart’s content without getting marker anywhere other than on the specially-designed paper.

Thanks to Crayola for putting art within the reach of even the youngest children!

Baby Bear’s first drawing


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