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on August 6, 2012

It finally happened. After a week of postponing the inevitable, we finally had to go grocery shopping. (In my world, strawberry-spinach smoothies beat going shopping in triple digit heat … until one runs out of spinach!)

It takes awhile to get two small children fed, dressed, and out of the house. Grocery shopping with two small children in tow isn’t exactly a speedy process either, especially when one of the two little ones is a 26-pound toddler who’s cutting molars and just wants to be held. One look at the clock told me that we probably weren’t going to get much formal schooling into the day today, so we made the most of the opportunities life offered us.

We started our grocery trip in the floral department, looking at and identifying the beautiful cut flowers. Little Bear fell in love with a bunch of daylilies and begged to get them, so I pointed to the $9.99 price tag. Price alone doesn’t mean much to a 4-year-old, so I explained that we could get the flowers or we could get a pound of strawberries, a pound of blueberries, a pound of cherries, half a watermelon and three nectarines for the same price. Little Bear quickly allowed that she’d rather have the fruit.

Moving on to the produce department, the girls helped hunt for the fruits and vegetables on our shopping list. Little Bear counted out apples and squash, discovering in the process that “half a dozen” was another way of saying “six.”

In the dairy department, we compared cheese prices. Little Bear decided that individually packaged string cheese was too expensive and that plain old white American slices were a much better value. Mommy agreed! In the paper goods department, Little Bear hunted until she found the on-sale 16-roll pack of our preferred brand of toilet paper. Then, it was time to hit the bakery department where Little Bear got to choose a doughnut (chocolate frosted with sprinkles!) as a reward for her helpfulness and great behavior.

Once home, Little Bear entertained her sister while I put groceries away. After some lunch, she asked to play on, where she completed a couple of alphabet review lessons and enjoyed some online stories. Ever the multi-tasker (much like her mother …), she also managed to build a Duplo village while listening to those stories.

Then it was time for more practical learning. Today was a laundry day, so Little Bear helped me sort clean clothes according to their owner. She matched pajama tops and bottoms and grouped Daddy’s socks into pairs of two.

Our work done, we headed outside to enjoy some pool time. Three toddler meltdowns (I’m suspecting an ear infection …), one too-close encounter with a ginormous wolf spider skittering across the surface of the water, and two bee stings later, we’d had more than enough. We retreated to the apartment, ate an early dinner, doused ourselves with lavender water to repel mosquitoes, then headed back outside (where it was still 95 degrees …) for some evening play time on dry land.

There the girls enjoyed examining the flowers on our butterfly bush, the only one of our potted plants that’s survived the summer’s heat.

Tiny fingers, tiny flowers …

Play time!

The girls played ball, chased each other around the yard, fed the birds, and dug in the dirt. Little Bear rode her bicycle, while Baby Bear climbed everything she could find to climb.An hour of play left them hot, dirty, and exhausted — ready for baths and bedtime stories! Tonight’s read-alouds included …

… and a whole slew of board books. Baby Bear would not rest until almost every book in her basket had been read. Then it was off to bed to rest and recharge for another busy day, Baking Day per Little Bear’s request.

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