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Zoo Adventures

on August 20, 2012

We paid a visit to the Abilene Zoo this weekend, much to the delight of both girls. Little Bear loves animals of every stripe and size, and Baby Bear seems to be following in her footsteps.

First up? Flamingos. Of course, seeing flamingos by the dozen made Little Bear ask whether flamingos could fly, why they stand on one leg, what they eat, and how long they could keep their heads underwater.

Flamingos …

Two giant tortoises hid from the Texas heat, taking shelter beneath a rocky ledge. The girls weren’t able to get a good look at them, but Little Bear allowed they were “big enough to ride!”

“Sorry, kids! No rides today!”

A little further down the path, however, the girls found a giant slug that did welcome young passengers:

“Climb on!”

Of course, the girls enjoyed seeing zoo “regulars,” including rhinos, zebras, lions, a Bengal tiger, a cougar, ocelots, monkeys, otters, birds, and creepy crawlies galore.

Breakfast time in the rhino pen …

Little Bear’s favorites …

Who’s the most colorful fowl around?

But the highlight of the morning was the opportunity to feed some of the animals. We purchased crackers to feed the giraffes — always a favorite activity. (Well, for everyone except Baby Bear. Baby Bear loudly expressed her outrage over the fact that a hungry giraffe stole HER cracker!)

“Got anything for me?”

The giraffe bridge was full of would-be giraffe feeders, though; so we saved our last handful of crackers for the hungry ducks clamoring around the observation pier. The ducks welcomed the tasty tidbits, or at least tried to. As it turned out, the ducks had  serious competition from some hungry carp:

Hungry mouths …

The fish were not only crowding around the pier with open mouths, but were actually leaping up out of the water to catch bites before they hit the water. I think we could have spent the entire morning on the pier with no complaints from the girls … although Little Bear did pull herself away from the feeding frenzy long enough to observe some snapping turtles, a l-o-n-g water snake, and a trailing family of ducklings. Baby Bear mostly enjoyed climbing up and down the stairs all by herself.

Mommy’s little big girl!

We knew we’d have a fair amount of ground to cover at the zoo, and we wanted to see everything before we were enveloped by the midday heat, so we rented a push cart to wheel the girls around in. Little Bear opted to ride more than Baby Bear, but both girls eventually decided that they wanted to run free instead. Oh well, at least Daddy got some use out of the rental!

Taking Daddy to the zoo …


2 Responses to “Zoo Adventures”

  1. Susan says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all!!!

  2. Andrea says:

    I loved the zoo with commentary -especially the feeding of the giraffes, ducks and fish. You made my toes tingle talking about the water snake! Yikes!
    The girls are growing up! Miss you guys!

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