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Before the Rain …

on September 15, 2012

Summer isn’t officially over, but we’ve been enjoying three blissful days of gloriously cool weather here in West Texas. My one goal for the weekend was to get the girls to the park and enjoy the brief reprieve from the heat. Ok, that and perhaps tagging stuff for a fall consignment sale … since drop-off is just four days away and I haven’t started tagging yet! With highs in the 70s, though, getting outside definitely trumped sticking price tags on outgrown clothing and unloved toys.

We initially planned to head to the park right after an early lunch. Baby Bear spent about half of last night playing happily instead of sleeping, though, and by lunchtime it was obvious that the only place she needed to go was back to bed. Four hours and one well-rested toddler later, we finally made it out the door — to be greeted by darkening storm clouds.

Sisters make the best friends!

Ever tried to tell two kids that their fun surprise outing, already postponed once, is suddenly canceled due to a threatening rainstorm? Yeah. We weren’t going there. We got in the car and drove the short distance to the park, hoping for the best. In the end, the girls got in a solid hour and a half of active play without seeing a single bolt of lightning. Ironically, the first rain drops fell about two minutes after we left the park.


End of summer fun …

Love that smile!

Making memories …

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