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on September 19, 2012

The Pirate Princess

Since pirates are one of Little Bear’s chief interests these days, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in International Talk Like a Pirate Day. After a quick review of this week’s word families and numbers, I pulled a stack of pirate-themed book off the shelf while Little Bear dug out her pirate costume. Then my little buccaneers and I settled down in the recliner for read-alouds:

We ended up reading Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC several times over and going on a hunt through our apartment for things that started with each letter of the alphabet. Little Bear was quite perturbed that I didn’t happen to have an x-ray laying around to accompany the letter Xx!

Next, I pulled out a bag of gold doubloons (or rather the plastic Dollar Tree version). We counted them, sorted them into groups of 10, divided them equally, then counted our shares. We threw them in a plastic tub, took turns pulling out a handful at a time, estimated how many we had in our hands, counted, and made more/less comparisons. We then hauled our loot outside to bury it, but several short marauders struck while Little Bear was hunting for the perfect spot. By the time she decided where to dig, the treasure chest lay empty and her playmates stood around enjoying their shiny plunder. Mommy orchestrated a doubloon toss to recapture most of the plundered gold, and it finally made its way into the ground:

Buried treasure …

Of course, much of the fun of burying treasure comes with digging it up again … and burying it again … and digging it up again. All told, I’m pretty sure our “treasure” was buried at least four times over. And given all the little hands involved in the process, I’m equally sure that we’re going to be finding doubloons in the dirt for weeks to come!

We wrapped up the day with some pirate-themed art. Little Bear used paint markers to paint a picture of a pirate, a picture of a pirate ship, one arm, both legs, and her shirt. One bubble bath and a bedtime snack later, I turned Little Bear loose to choose “a couple” of bedtime stories while I threw the girls’ clothes into the sink to soak. Would you believe that Shiver Me Letters somehow found its way onto the top of her 4-inch stack of books?

“We need the letters to make the words in our other stories,” she explained.

“Again?” I replied. “Aaarrrrr!”

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