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Autumn Breezes …

on September 27, 2012

With storm clouds hovering and rain in the forecast through the weekend, we started our day at the park today. Little Bear quickly made friends with a little boy who introduced himself as “Peter Parker, but most people call me Spiderman.” He went on to claim that he’d spun all the ropes in the rope course and strung them up so that other kids could climb like Spiderman. He also informed her that he was 50 years old, but would soon celebrate his 106th birthday. I bit my tongue a few times as I listened to their conversation, but Little Bear neither challenged nor seemed impressed by his outlandish claims. (She later told me, “Mommy, he was just pretending!”) Her response?

“Well, I’m a really fast runner. Want to see if I’m faster than you?”

With that, they took off around the .3-mile track. Fresh air and active play are always good things!

While Little Bear interacted with the pint-sized superhero, Baby Bear was busy observing a sweet, gentle dog who had accompanied her toddler to the park. All told, she spent at least half an hour scrutinizing that dog from every possible angle and sporadically summoning the rest of us to watch the “Pup! Pup! Pup!” with her.

Dog watching …

Baby watching …

Eventually, we were left alone at the park, and the girls played together for awhile. Little Bear conquered the climbing wall and shimmied up a 6-foot step climber. Not to be outdone, Baby Bear followed her big sister up the step climber while Mama Bear held her breath. She made it up safely, and from that point on, there was no stopping her! Whatever sister did, she attempted — and more often than not, she succeeded!

Conquering the climbing wall

“I’m a can-do kid!”

Shortly before we left, we heard a plane overhead, looked up, and realized that we were in the flight path to our local airport. The girls watched in fascination as a small jet descended above us in preparation for landing.

Of course, the girls also observed groundhogs, chased dragonflies, watched birds, and trailed ants. Little Bear “wrote” in the mulch, climbed on rocks, and used the rock retaining wall as makeshift balance beam.

Then it was time to leave and head to the grocery store — NOT the girls’ favorite errand. In memory of Johnny Appleseed, though, we did take time to examine all the varieties of apples available at our local supermarket. Little Bear (with some guidance from Mama Bear) chose three varieties to taste test and counted out eight Granny Smith apples to turn into homemade apple pie, our planned Saturday project.

Silly monkey!

So much to see in nature’s classroom!

Once home, we read, drilled short /a/ word families, and reviewed numbers. Little Bear practiced writing the number 5, then colored and played with Play-Doh while Baby Bear napped. She also spent about an hour reading, listening to stories, and playing short vowel games on We wrapped up the day with more outside time and an impromptu “rain dance.” We’ve since gotten over an inch of rain, much to the delight of my little dancers!

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  1. Stacy says:

    Hey! Tessa has that orange skirt. LOL!! I bought it on a whim and then totally ended up loving it.

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