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Stop, Drop, and Roll!

on October 11, 2012

In the spirit of National Fire Prevention Week, we’ve taken time this week to learn about fire, fire safety, and fire fighting. The girls began the day today with some dress-up fun. Baby Bear dressed up as a firefighter while Little Bear built a block tower. The tower caught fire, so Little Bear “dialed 911” (on their toy phone), and Baby Bear came running with a toy fire extinguisher. Little Bear helped the people inside her tower get out safely, while Baby Bear pointed the extinguisher at the base of the pretend fire and extinguished it.

After a laundry break, a Bible story, and a reading lesson, we sat down with a stack of read-alouds to resume our fire study. I have to say that the girls have been fascinated with this study and have begged to read this week’s books time and again. Little Bear has taken the safety messages to heart and insisted on showing Baby Bear how to “stay low and go,” crawling to and out the door. We also practiced “stop, drop, and roll” — a lesson I fully intended to photograph. But I, of course, had to demonstrate what the girls needed to do and … well, when Mommy starts rolling around on the floor, “school time” quickly morphs into “play time.”

Little Bear and I worked through a couple of critical thinking puzzles while Baby Bear played independently. Then, we sat down altogether for calendar time and math time, counting out the date with bristle blocks and making a small block/small block/large block pattern. We sang “Ten Little Firefighters” (to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”) counting up and down, while I made the corresponding number of firefighters appear on the computer screen to the delight of Baby Bear. Finally, Little Bear and I drilled numeral recognition using flash cards.

I’d planned to let the girls paint fire scenes using marbles dipped in red, orange, and yellow paint. But the great outdoors beckoned, so we put the books away and headed outside for a couple of hours of active play and fun with friends. We came back inside to a picnic dinner in the living room, along with a couple of episodes of The Adventures of Paddington Bear. Then it was time to clean up two tired little girls and put them to bed. Here’s hoping we find time for two art projects tomorrow!

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