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Give a Girl Wheels …

on October 16, 2012

It’s official. Baby Bear sweet-babbled Daddy Bear into buying her first set of wheels:

Baby Bear’s new ride

My “baby” is infatuated with wheels. She’s been climbing on any ride-on toy she sees since her first birthday, she squeals “Bike! Bike!” with delight every time she sees one, and she’s even tried to wrangle her big sister’s bike out from under her on several occasions. When Daddy spied a shiny Schwinn Roadster in Sam’s Club and let her try the display model, it was love at first sight. She hasn’t yet figured out how to work the peddles, but she’s not one to fret over details. Within 24 hours of tricycle receipt, she was operating her own sidewalk taxi service and taking the “big[ger] kids” for a spin:

Taking the “big kids” for a spin …

Of course, at the girls’ ages, almost everything turns into a learning experience, and Baby Bear’s tricycle exploits were no exception. We’re studying the human body this month, and Baby Bear’s “big kid” fun served as the perfect introduction to growth and development. Today’s read-alouds included the following:

We spent the better part of an hour looking back through old pictures, enjoying memories of days gone by, and sequencing scenes from the girls’ lives. We compared the ages at which they reached developmental milestones. Little Bear talked earlier, but Baby Bear walked earlier. Little Bear cut her first tooth earlier, but Baby Bear ate solid food earlier. We also made a simple timeline charting Little Bear’s development. With photos and a bit of help from Mommy, she narrated the following:

“When I was born, I could nurse, sleep, and cry.

When I was six months old, I could sit up and crawl.

When I was 1 year old, I could walk and talk.

When I was 2, I could feed myself and use the potty. I could say my ABCs.

When I was 3, I could draw, do puzzles, play games, and play on the playground.

Now that I’m 4, I can do everything I could do when I was younger. I can also ride my bike, write my name, read some words, and help take care of my little sister. I’m growing and changing.”

Yes, Precious Child, you are …

Now …

Then …

… and I’m blessed to share the adventure of Growing Up with you and your sister!

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  1. Debbie Olson says:

    Love the new wheels, as well as the sweet girl pictures!

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