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Not-So-Scary Skeletons

on October 18, 2012

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, skeletons seem to be popping up in all sorts of places — from neighbors’ yards to store windows. Little Bear, much like her mother, isn’t fond of dancing bones, spider webs, or other ghoulish decorations. So in an effort to demystify the creepy and help ease her anxieties, we’re taking time this month to learn about all about bodies and explore the wonders that lurk beneath our skin.

The girls have especially enjoyed our Beleduc Your Body (Girl) 5-Layer Wooden Puzzle that lets them see the skeletal system, major organs, muscles, skin, and a clothed body. Little Bear has paired each “layer” of the puzzle with a corresponding spread in See Inside Your Body, assembled the puzzle layer, then asked me to read about the corresponding text.

Major organs

Skeletal system


A girl like me!

As Little Bear learns to identify bones, organs, and muscles, Baby Bear continues to work on learning her body parts. We sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” at least four times in the car this morning, with Baby Bear loudly insisting that we sing it “‘gin! ‘gin!” each time we tried to stop. We’ve also done the Hokey Pokey several times over, danced along with Greg & Steve in “Can’t Sit Still,” played countless rounds of “Simon Says,” and began memorizing this little ditty I remembered from my own kindergarten days:

I have ten little fingers and ten little toes
Two little arms and one little nose,
One little mouth and two little ears,
Two little eyes for smiles and tears,
One little head and two little feet,
One little chin, that’s me complete!

Today’s work got cut short when a morning doctor’s appointment stretched into 3 hours away from home. Beyond our theme work, though, we still made time for a short reading lesson, some short /a/ word reading and spelling practice, and some independent reading. I stuck a copy of Everyone Poops (My Body Science Series) in with this week’s themed read-alouds in the hopes that it would encourage Baby Bear’s potty learning efforts. (Yes, I’m becoming “that mom.” The child can get out of a diaper faster than Houdini could extricate himself from a pair of cheap handcuffs, and I’m tired of cleaning carpet!) Baby Bear, sadly, had little interest in the book, but Little Bear discovered that the text was simple enough for her to read by herself. And so she has read that book again and again and again. I think Daddy Bear is ready for her to find a new “favorite” book, but Mama Bear is just enjoying the sight of her little cub happily reading.

We reviewed numbers, days, months, and seasons while waiting at the doctor’s office. Little Bear also practiced writing her numbers while we waited and played a rhyming word matching game on the iPad. She didn’t complete any of the activities I’d stuck in her work bins for today, but did spend an hour drawing, coloring, and working on a sticker mosaic this afternoon — good fine motor practice even if it wasn’t part of my “plan” for the day.

We’ll begin the day tomorrow with speech therapy, then come home to wrap up our week’s learning with a couple of science experiments, a craft project, and a game of How Tall Am I?. Little do the girls know that Friday Fun Days are Mommy’s favorite day of the week!

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