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Weekend Fun

on November 4, 2012

Planned learning got pushed aside for much of this past week, as Baby Bear recovered from her fourth go-around with a nasty stomach bug and I prepped for and worked a consignment sale. By Sunday, though, both girls were feeling well enough to enjoy a fun-filled day.

After church, the girls and I did a bit of shopping … until Baby Bear decided she’d had enough. Clocks and time changes not withstanding, when her body told her it was nap time, she let me — and everyone else within earshot — know! Little Bear played on while I got Baby Bear to sleep, then she and I sat down for some craft fun. We’ve been learning about spiders and other arachnids this past week, so we decided to make a paper plate spider using materials from the Alex Toys Paper Plate Bugs craft kit. (Have I mentioned how much I love the fun, colorful, prepackaged and ready-to-go crafts in the Alex Little Hands craft series??? Of course, I don’t love them enough to pay full price for them, but both Barnes and Noble and tend to run them on sale in November and December each year … at which time I restock the craft closet!)

Spider fun …

We sang “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” along with several other spider songs while we crafted. We also took time to readĀ Are You a Spider? (Backyard Books) and About Arachnids: A Guide for Children; then, we compared our paper construction to a real spider.

Of course, one finished project prompted Little Bear to beg for “just one more, please! Just one more!” Besides, she argued, our spider couldn’t survive by itself. It positively needed for us to create another bug so it could catch the unlucky second bug in its web and eat it for dinner. And so, Little Miss Bumblebee came to be.

Little Miss Bumblebee

… Once the bee was completed, Little Bear remembered that bees are one of the insects that spiders don’t eat. They’ll actually try to cut them out of their webs and release them, taking great care to avoid the potentially deadly stinger. … Can you see where this is going? Yep, she decided we really needed to make a THIRD bug. By that time, though, Baby Bear was awake and mobile, so I rained reality on Little Bear’s fantasies. I assured her that neither starvation nor our stinger-less paper bee posed a threat to our non-eating paper spider. I also assured that if the paper bugs did come to life at night like Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, they would be friends (because nursery toys are always friends, except in Toy Story which she’s never actually watched). Then, I suggested a trip to the park.

A visit to the park usually solves all of life’s problems. Today, however, we arrived at our friendly neighborhood park to find it swarming with the people. Someone was having the birthday party to beat all birthday parties, and virtually every structure in the park was covered with kids.

The girls did manage to snag a seesaw for a few minutes:

Sisters …

Baby Bear got a turn on the swing:


And both girls enjoyed the tunnels in the tot lot:

Happy days …

… until some tweens/young teens started crowding into the “little kid zone” and running rough shod over the little ones. Baby Bear got bumped off a landing and fell on her head while I was trying to rescue Little Bear from an eminent collision on the monkey bars. That’s when we decided it was time to head home for some quiet fun with Thomas the Tank Engine and our good friends The Berenstain Bears. Dinner, baths, and an hour of story time later, two little girls curled up in my lap to rock to sleepĀ  and dream of more fun in the week ahead.

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