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All in a Day’s Play

on November 15, 2012

“Say ‘Cheese!'”

I hadn’t planned to post today. The girls and I spent another long morning in a doctor’s office, reading, playing alphabet games, doing logic puzzles on the iPad, drawing pictures, and finely heading in for a lengthy appointment. By the time we left, it was lunch time and both girls were hungry. We swung by the university, picked up Daddy Bear, then headed to McDonald’s for lunch and play time. (Yes, I let my children eat fast food. I let them socialize with other fast food eating Small People. And I’m admitting my shortcomings in a public forum. Did I just forfeit all rights to membership in the Homeschoolers Club International???)

After an hour or so of active play, it was clear that both girls had reached their limits. We headed home. Little Bear entertained herself with a stack of Berenstain Bear books while I got Baby Bear down for a nap. Then, she asked to watch Disney Junior on the iPad, and I let her. I ran a couple of errands, enjoyed peace and a cup of coffee while both girls were occupied, then tackled some chores. By the time I looked up at the clock, it was nearly 5 p.m. My 18-month-old had been sleeping for two solid hours, and my 4-year-old had been glued to a screen watching cartoons for nearly as long. Suffice it to say, today was not one of our more productive days!

With the day winding to a close, we sat down to Skype with Nana and Papa. Baby Bear used most of her words several times over, then wandered over to the dress-up bin. She came back with a safari hat and proudly showed it off on camera. Not to be outdone, Little Bear ran to find her superhero mask and cape. Baby Bear went back for a tutu. Little Bear headed back to a get a wig. And so they continued, back and forth, until we had a pile of dress-up clothes all over both girls AND the living room.

As we bid a colorful good-bye to Nana and Papa, I reminded Little Bear that we still needed to do her reading lesson for the day, the one “textbook” task we try to cover daily.

“Can I do it with my outfit on?” asked my cape-wearing, mask-wearing, wig-wearing, tutu-wearing, feather boa-wearing, lei-wearing “fancy” superhero.

“Can you see with that mask on?” I asked.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “It gives me super vision!”

“Ok,” I said. “As long as you see the letters, you can wear whatever you want.”

We made it through our 10-minute review with just a couple of errors and no complaints, albeit quite a few lost feathers. Then, Little Bear turned to me and said, “Mommy, I love being a super fancy super reading hero!”

I couldn’t help but smile and reply, “I love it too!”

“You do?” she questioned. “Why?”

“I love to see you have fun, I love to see you learn, and I especially love to see you have fun while you learn,” I said. “I love to see you being yourself, following your interests, using your imagination. I love to see both of my girls growing up together, enjoying each other’s company, and being one another’s best friends. I love being able to ‘do school’ in play clothes or pajamas, in the recliner or on the playground, any time of day, any day of the week, wherever life takes us. I love homeschooling!”

“I do too, Mommy,” Little Bear replied, with a hug. Then, she grinned. “Now are you ready to read to my library books to me?”

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  1. Melissa Spilman says:

    How cute! Love it!

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