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Say what? It’s December???

on December 1, 2012

Well, the calendar may say that today is December 1st, but the weather tells an entirely different story. We’ve still got afternoon temperatures in the 80s and signs of autumn all around.

This morning, the girls and I went on a leaf hunt. We matched leaves to trees, reviewed the parts of a leaf, then collected the prettiest leaves we could find to make leaf creatures.

Little artists …

We created a leaf person —

Leaf person …

— and a leaf turkey —

Leaf turkey …

before Little Bear decided that the sun was entirely too bright and that she’d had enough outdoor crafting for the day. After the girls ran and played for a bit, we did some quick leaf rubbings to preserve nature’s display of autumn finery.

Leaf rubbings

Then we headed inside for some more traditional December fun. Little Bear narrated her annual letter to Santa, signed it, and decorated it:

Letter to Santa

Once the letter was finished, we headed to our local toy store to deliver it and take pictures with the Man in Red. Unfortunately, Little Bear panicked when she actually saw him and refused to go near him. Baby Bear, on the other hand, saw jingle bells and candy canes and was all over him.

Pictures with Santa …

Oh, well, one out of two isn’t too bad!

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