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Christmas Time’s A Comin’!

on December 11, 2012

We’ve been counting down the days until Christmas this month — a great way to sneak backward counting, beginning subtraction, time concepts, and various other math concepts into the daily routine! Little Bear turned our Christmas countdown blocks to the number 14 this morning, then squealed with excitement when she realized that 14 days equaled two weeks.

During my classroom teaching days, I found the days leading up to Christmas almost torturous. It was a constant struggle to keep excited little people on task, on schedule, and focused on The Curriculum with all the excitement of the winter holidays in the air. Now that my “class” has been reduced to my own two girls, I can breathe a silent prayer of thanks that we had no rigid schedule to observe and no curriculum that must be completed by a certain date. Instead, we’re free to follow their interests … which at present seem to center on CHRISTMAS.

So what did we do today?

We read … a lot.

We read the Biblical account of the journey of the wisemen and read a retelling of the same story from The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. We read a fictionalized narrative about Mary and Joseph’s trek to Bethlehem, their search for a room, and the Holy Child’s birth in a stable from The Lion Storyteller Christmas Book along with several traditional Christmas tales from other parts of the world taken from the same book. We even made a blanket fort in the living room and curled up inside it to read a stack of just-for-fun Christmas books (along with all the Maisy books and Karen Katz books Baby Bear insisted on adding to the read-aloud stack).

We did crafts.

Little Bear thought we needed a wreath on the door, so I picked up a $2 foam wreath craft kit at Hobby Lobby and helped the girls put it together this morning. It might look like cheap foam to the rest of the world, but Little Bear dubbed it a “masterpiece” and couldn’t wait to show it to Daddy. We also fingerpainted Christmas trees to be decorated with sticker “ornaments” tomorrow.

We sang carols.

We sat around just listening to Christmas music and enjoying the lights on the tree. (Doesn’t every child of the South deserve to hear “Thistlehair the Christmas Bear” at least a few times each holiday season???)

And somewhere a long the way, we managed to squeeze in a phonics lesson, a bit of handwriting, a couple of Mind Benders puzzles, and at least half a dozen Can You Find Me? riddles … along with a couple of board games, some outside playtime, and plenty of indoor dress-up and make believe fun.

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