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But it’s COLD!

on January 4, 2013

We woke this morning to a whopping three inches of snow (a rare treat here in West Texas), and the girls could not wait to get out in the white stuff. Little Bear especially has been wanting to make snow angel ever since we read a story that included a bit about a child making a snow angel, and this morning’s snow gave her the opportunity to do just that.

Both girls ran out the door squealing with excitement and dove into the snow with both hands. Baby Bear pulled her hands out of the snow almost as fast as she’d put them in and ran straight back to my arms, indignantly declaring the snow to be “Code! Code! CODE!” Little Bear threw her whole body in the snow and happily made a snow angel. Note the singular article? She stopped with one and like her sister came running over to protest the coldness of the experience. My little snow critics were temporarily quieted by the appearance of a neighbor. Apparently, cold is more tolerable in the presence of friends. But when their playmate headed back inside, they too decided they’d had enough.

“I don’t like snow!” Little Bear announced as she walked back into the apartment.

“I thought you wanted it to snow,” I replied. “You were cheering for snow yesterday.”

“Well, I don’t like this snow!” she declared. “It’s c-o-l-d.”

… I didn’t know whether to try explain the science of snow or give her the old speech about trudging through a foot of snow in -40 weather to get to school in my younger years, so I kept my mouth shut and gave her dry clothes instead. Obviously, my child has forgotten the winter she spent in Upper Michigan where she briefly experienced REAL cold.

Beyond the snow play, Little Bear spent an hour playing on and today, where she’s apparently been learning to add and subtract. As we sat down for lunch, she asked me, “Mommy, what’s 5-1?”

“What do you think it is?” I queried.

“Four!” she replied instantly. “And 6-1 is 5!”

She went on to ask and answer half a dozen other basic addition and subtraction facts, then looked up with a twinkle in her eye: “Mommy, what does corn plus green beans equal?”

I shrugged. “A healthy meal?”

“Nope!” she said. “Fudge! Because if you eat all your corn and all your beans, then you can have a piece of fudge!”

Obviously, the Christmas treats have lingered too long, but I think she might just be on to something!

After Baby Bear’s nap and Little Bear’s computer time, we sat down as a family and spent about an hour using Magna-Tiles to build 3-D mazes for a Hexbug. Little Bear helped me create obstacles for the Hexbug to navigate in my single-level maze, and both girls enjoyed watching the Hexbug work its way down and out of Daddy Bear’s four-story maze. Little Bear built a nice large house for the Hexbug, while Babyzilla ultimately leveled all our structures and buried poor Hexy beneath a pile of rubble.

We rounded out the day with a slew of read-alouds, a couple of chapters from our current Bobbsey Twins mystery, and an introduction to nocturnal animals. We also read Katie and the Spanish Princess, the first of a several art appreciation books I’d purchased for this year. I’m not sure how much Little Bear learned about Spanish art, but she immediately fell in love with the books and asked if we could get the whole series. We don’t have the whole series, but I can’t wait to share the other books we do have with her in the days ahead.

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