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Arctic Animals, Snow, and the Letter Gg

on January 30, 2012

As January ends and February begins, we’re going to take this week to wrap up our January themes and get back on track with our neglected letter of the week. This week, we’ll be reviewing what we learned about snow (even though winter seems to have taken a pre-mature leave of absence here in West Texas), reading a little more about Arctic animals, and enjoying a variety of activities that relate to the letter Gg.

Our Bible verse for the week is James 1:17a: Every good and perfect gift is from God. (NIrV)

Our Bible song for the week is “God Is So Good.”

Our character quality is gratitude.

Both Little Bear and Baby Bear are fighting respiratory infections, and Mama Bear isn’t feeling much better. It remains to be seen how much actual work we get done this week.

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