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Snakes, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails?

on January 10, 2013

Left to pursue her own interests, Little Bear has developed an interest — bordering on an obsession — with snakes … along with spiders, lizards, insects, and all manner of other little creatures that Mommy would just as soon avoid. What’s more, she seems to have convinced Baby Bear to join her in her quest for creepy, crawly knowledge. I was accosted not once, not twice, but THREE times today by a Treasury of Animals & Nature (Know-It-All)-wielding toddler who demanded to sit down and once again look at pictures of “‘Nake! ‘Nake! ‘Nake!”

In an effort to feed my children’s quest for knowledge, I dug through our book collection after the girls went to bed last night to find books about snakes. I quickly discovered that we don’t own a lot of snake-themed books, probably because Mommy is NOT a fan of snakes. But I did find a few titles to keep my budding herpetologists until our next library visit:

Along with reading about snakes, the girls thoroughly enjoyed slithering around the living room, “tasting” the air with their tongues, and “hibernating” under a dining table “cave.” At Jessica’s request, I hunted down a picture we’d taken last spring of her petting a ball python.

Too close for Mommy's comfort!

Too close for Mommy’s comfort!

I promised her that we could visit the reptile room the next time we visited the zoo. I told her that yes, she probably would get to pet a snake again “someday.” I also assured her that she could have a pet snake of her very own … just as soon as she had a job of her own and a home of her own to accommodate her slithery friend.

Beyond our impromptu snake study, Little Bear did several jigsaw puzzles and built with Magna-Tiles this morning. She did a couple of lessons on while Baby Bear napped this afternoon. Then, we headed outside for some fun in the sun. Little Bear has been learning to roller skate and managed to skate to the end of our apartment complex today without falling. She moved slowly, but she kept moving and stayed upright. Much as I wanted pictures, I had visions of her sprawling head first on the sidewalk and dared not move far enough away from her to actually take pictures.

Once Little Bear tired of skating, both girls piled in the wagon for a walk around the block and a hunt for whatever creatures we could spy. Then, we headed back to our own yard, where Baby Bear chose to play ball and Little Bear hunted for bugs, twigs, and leaves.

A doll and a ball ... what more does a girl need?

A doll and a ball … what more does a girl need?


Finding a leaf with holes in it, she was sure it must have been food for a hungry caterpillar.


Oh, the joy of a V-shaped stick …

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