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Monster Madness

on April 16, 2013

Since moving to a larger town, we’ve been taking full advantage of the local offerings — preschool art classes at the local museum, weekly activities at the local library, ample opportunity to observe nature at the local zoo, and more. Up until today, though, we’d consistently missed “Super Story Time” at the library, a monthly chance for preschool kids to explore a topic through songs, stories, and crafts. This time around, I stuck the flyer on the refrigerator, made sure Little Bear was well aware of the date, and actually made it to the library for Monster Madness.

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about the topic. Little Bear does NOT do well with scary … as in I’ve learned to preview episodes of Dora before letting her watch them. Both cubs love “monsters” in the vein of Tedd Arnold’s Huggly Books and Ed Emberly’s Go Away, Big Green Monster!, though, so I decided to chance the event and hope for the best.

Thankfully, our children’s library chose a superb collection of imaginative, yet gentle tales for the preschool crowd. (In fact, both of the girls’ favorite monsters appeared in the line-up, much to Baby Bear’s delight!) The craft, however, proved the highlight of the morning for both of them. The librarian provided them with prepainted puzzle pieces, popsicle stickers, googly eyes, stickers, and glue. The girls then used the materials to fashion a monster stick puppet of their very own.

Baby Bear seized on the lone pink puzzle piece and delighted in covering it with tiny stickers, but vehemently insisted that all creatures — monsters included — should have exactly two eyes.

Baby Bear's Monster

Baby Bear’s Monster

Little Bear waxed more creative with facial features and decided that her monster should have three eyes … probably because there were three googly eyes in her baggie of craft components, and she does not believe in wasting googly eyes:

Little Bear's Monster

“Little Monster”

Of course, monster fun at the library whetted the girls’ appetites for yet MORE monster play at home. So we checked out a stack of monster-themed books, then came home to color monster pictures, dance to the tune of “Purple People Eater“, and lead the girls’ monster puppets in a rousing game of “The Monster Pokey.”

We wrapped up the day with a reading lesson, several logic puzzles from our Critical Thinking Co. books, Kumon workbook fine motor activities (cutting, mazes, and coloring), and three games of Hi Ho Cherry-O. All in all, a lot of fun and a bit of learning — just what this Mommy Teacher hopes for each day.

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  1. Debbie Olson says:

    Love these sweet girl pictures!

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