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Two Years Old!

on April 26, 2013
Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Our sweet Baby Bear turned TWO today! It seems like it was just yesterday that we welcomed her into the world. Now, she’s suddenly running circles around us and speaking in complete sentences. I can’t believe how quickly my “baby” is growing up!

Last year, she tasted cake for the very first time as we celebrated her first birthday. She touched the icing gingerly, drew back in surprise when it stuck to her finger, cautiously tasted the sticky residue, then dove in with both hands — getting more on herself than in herself in the process. This year, she sat down to a plate of cake and ice cream, picked up a spoon, and dove in like an old pro. She had a bit on her face and hands by the time she finished, but a washcloth eliminated the mess in a matter of seconds. (Last year’s birthday cake feast required a bath AND a thorough carpet cleaning!)

Good to the last bite!

Good to the last bite!

With a birthday celebration topping today’s agenda, no formal schoolwork took place. Little Bear spent part of the afternoon making a card for her little sister, complete with a painstakingly-written birthday message, and both girls got a little too much (semi-educational) screen time as I prepped for tonight’s party. Beyond that, the girls played, argued, helped clean house, counted down hours (and later, minutes) until guests were scheduled to arrive, and generally bounced all over the place in eager anticipation of the evening’s fun. Somewhere over the course of the afternoon, Baby Bear did grasp that she was now two, that two was more than one, and that she would be three next year. (Really? My just-turned-two-year-old is already anticipating her next birthday???)

Happy Birthday, sweet Baby Bear! You’ve made our lives richer and fuller than you’ll ever know. We count it a joy to be your Mommy and Daddy.


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