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Two Little Monkeys

on July 15, 2013

We woke this morning to mud puddles, overcast skies, and blessed relief from the usual Texas summer heat, so formal learning got pushed aside for a fun morning out. Our first stop of the day was Bed, Bath, and Beyond, where I stacked coupons to feed my Yankee Candle obsession. I was initially disappointed to find that our local store stocked neither the Vanilla Chai nor the Caramel Pecan Pie fragrances I thought I wanted. But two eager little candle sniffers soon declared Pineapple Cilantro to be their favorite and approved Mommy’s pick of Sage & Citrus as well.

The girls paused to ooh and aah over fairy- and princess-themed Tervis tumblers — until Little Bear looked at the price tag of the smallest cup and realized that even with a coupon, it would cost *all* of her birthday money. Then we headed on to kitchen wares where I tried to compare coffee presses while Little Bear tried unsuccessfully to sell me on 137 single-purpose kitchen gadgets (Really, avocado slicers? Mango splitters? Strawberry hullers? And here I thought a good paring knife was perfectly suited to any one of those tasks. …) and Baby Bear searched for opportunities to test the law of gravity. Testing the law of gravity in a store filled with expensive breakables had the potential to be a more expensive science lesson than I deemed appropriate, so we paid for our candles and left.

Our next stop was a local teacher supply store. Despite two years of regular fine motor practice and several months of one-on-one therapy, Little Bear still struggles with her pencil grip to the point that written work regularly reduces one or both of us to tears. We’ve tried triangular pencils. We’ve tried short pencils. We’ve tried chunky pencils. We’ve tried markers. We’ve tried crayons, triangular crayons, and broken crayons. Up to this point, nothing has made writing any less of a chore. So today, we went in search of pencil grips. I wanted something that would gently encourage a tripod grip. She wanted something pink and preferably glittery. For $6, we walked out with four new tools that met both of our requirements. Now, we just have to practice with them and see if any of them truly help …

Our final stop of the morning was the grocery store — hardly a favorite destination of either girl, but a necessary stop given that they do like to eat. We got in and out in under an hour, got most of what we needed, and had only a few brief tears during the process, so I dubbed the third stop of the morning a success.

After a quick lunch, we tackled our actual work for the day. Today’s planned learning included …

  • sorting through our bin of Safari Toob creatures and identifying ocean animals
  • counting sea creatures (Baby Bear) and using ocean animals to show number bonds (Little Bear)

The girls spent the rest of the day building with bristle blocks, playing with Play-Dough, browsing through favorite books, and playing together. Just before dinner time, Daddy Bear slipped into their room to see what they were doing and found Baby Bear happily “reading” one of her favorite books:

Seven little monkeys jumping on the bed ...

Seven little monkeys jumping on the bed …

Moments later both girls were back in action, burning of a little more energy before dinner, bath, and bed:

Two little monkeys jumping around the room ...

Two little monkeys jumping around the room …

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