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Just the Basics …

on July 30, 2013

We kicked off the day with a morning play date, then came home to find that a water main in our apartment complex had ruptured, leaving us without water for most of the afternoon and evening. Having no water, we quickly discovered, gets really old really fast. So we did just the basics today before heading outside to enjoy the abundance of water in the pool.

Phonics included …

For math, we read chapters 7-8 of Life of Fred: Apples and completed exercises orally. Little Bear also …

  • practiced counting to 100 by 5s and 10s;
  • practiced telling time to the hour and half hour;
  • sorted and sequenced six sets of 4-scene sequencing tiles, then described what was happening in each scene;
  • spent about 10 minutes reviewing addition facts in swimming pool.

Today’s motor work consisted of …

  • writing the letter Ss correctly;
  • writing -ell and -all words on the MagnaDoodle;
  • manipulating 3-D mosaic pieces to create another Mosaic Puzzle Art picture.

With the basics behind us, we headed to the pool for some refreshing afternoon fun, then returned to our still-waterless apartment for dinner, stories, and an early bedtime.

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