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on August 8, 2013

“Mommy, I think I’d like some alone time this morning,” Little Bear informed me at breakfast. “I want to build stuff and think about stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?” I asked.

“Oh, just stuff,” she replied. “Like why the Egyptians built pyramids and why sharks don’t love their babies and what it would be like to live on a farm and how Fred got to be so smart by reading books.”

She spent the next hour building a MagnaTile farm and bristle block castle. I seized the free time to plan meals and make grocery lists (in between rescuing Baby Bear from a series of self-inflicted predicaments). Then, I insisted that two unwilling little consumers get dressed and accompany me to the grocery store.

“Where are we going?” Little Bear asked.

“Walmart,” I responded.

“But Mommy, I don’t like Walmart,” she protested.

“Neither do I,” I replied.

“Walmart makes me crazy,” she argued.

“Me too,” I admitted.

“Can’t we wait and go tomorrow?” she pleaded.

“That depends,” I said. “Do you want to eat today?”

“We could go out to eat,” she contended.

Sigh. My children have obviously inherited my disdain for big box stores and the sensory overload that accompanies them. But with Texas’ tax-free weekend slated to start tomorrow, I resorted to the dreaded Mommy edict. “We will not be going anywhere near Walmart tomorrow. Put on your shoes.”

Once we actually got in the store, both girls’ attitudes improved considerably … probably because I agreed to purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers and assured them that both frozen mango and fresh raspberries were on the shopping list. We even managed to get everything on our list in under an hour, bathroom and toy department detours included. We almost escaped without incident. But as I scanned our debit card, excitement overtook Little Bear.

“Mommy, Mommy!” she announced at full volume, “We survived Walmart with NOBODY getting cranky or grumpy or having a meltdown … not even YOU, Mommy!”

… Honesty she has is spades. Lessons in timing, tactfulness, and vocal modulation are apparently still needed. Nonetheless, we all survived yet another grocery run, then came home to start on our school day.

Given our late start, we stuck with the basics today. For math, Little Bear …

For language arts, she …

  • reviewed the concept of the “magic e,” differentiated between similar short vowel and long vowel words, and raced to read short and long vowel words correctly;
  • tackled two new pages in Unit 8 of The Reading Lesson;
  • practiced reading with expression, stopping at periods, and reading entire sentences cohesively;
  • read “The Red Hen” from Skill Sharpeners Spell & Write, Kindergarten, spelled -en words aloud, and completed several pages of related written work;
  • practiced writing the letter Ss correctly.
Finishing her first "big kid" puzzle ...

Finishing her first “big kid” puzzle …

For motor work, she …

For science, we continued to learn about the water cycle, reading through the first half of One Well: The Story of Water on Earth and discussing evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.

Finally, we worked a bit of history into the day as we talked about Henry David Thoreau, read The Trouble with Henry: A Tale of Walden Pond, and read and discussed several short excerpts from Walden.

Baby Bear joined us for most of today’s read-alouds. She counted out today’s date in blue and red Duplo bricks and with a bit of help used an AB pattern to build an eight-brick tower. Most of the day, however, she simply spent playing. She pulled a Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Sound Peg Puzzle off the shelf and completed the {obnoxiously loud} thing at least a dozen times while Little Bear and I did math. She also spent quite a bit of time stacking and nesting her new set of Discovery Toys MEASURE UP!┬« Cups.

Nothing, however, could equal the fun she had with a Britax box delivered today. What I saw a big in-the-way box, she saw as a royal throne. Running to the bedroom as fast as her little legs could carry her, she dug her favorite princess dress and crown out of the dress-up bin, put them on despite the heat, and ascended the throne:

A princess and her lady-in-waiting ...

A princess and her lady-in-waiting …

“I make up a story for you,” she told her daddy before bedtime. “Once upon a time there was a wittle, wittle pwincess, and her name was … ME! The end.”

Oh, the limitless joy of a child’s imagination and a box!

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