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on August 12, 2013

Our schedule for the day got turned on end due to an unplanned visit to the OB’s office to ensure that all was well with Baby No. 3. (Thankfully, it was.)

We’d started the day with phonics and were about midway through our planned lessons for the morning, when I got a call back telling me to head on in for a check-up. So much of the day’s “work” ended up being random stuff that I threw in a bag quickly while the girls put on their shoes and brushed their teeth. All things considered, we accomplished a decent amount.

For phonics, Little Bear …

For math, we …

  • read Life of Fred: Butterflies Unit 2 and completed follow-up exercises. Today’s lesson focused on counting by 2’s. We also practiced counting by 5’s and spent yet more time trying to understand minutes on an analog clock. (I’m on the verge of simplifying life and buying the poor child a digital clock!)
  • worked through today and tomorrow’s exercises in Daily Math Practice Grade 1;
  • reviewed concept of odd/even numbers;
  • reviewed concepts of equal, not equal, greater than, and less than;
  • practiced writing numerals 1-6 correctly.

On the fine motor front, Little Bear …

  • made a birthday card for a family member;
  • completed several dot-to-dot puzzles and mazes;
  • spent about half an hour working on a floor puzzle, then helped her little sister with a couple of peg puzzles (the pegs force both of them to work on their tripod grip!).

On the logic front, Little Bear …

Last but not least, we all three spent about an hour enjoying selections from Mary Engelbreit’s Mother Goose Book (Baby Bear’s current favorite), Mary Engelbreit’s Nursery Tales (a long-time favorite of both girls), and various Fancy Nancy selections. Little Bear asked me to read Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire! as a final bedtime story, then pleaded to try writing an acrostic poem of her own before calling it a night. She was exhausted and fighting sleep, so she needed a bit more help than usual. But the end result described her to a tee. “Tomorrow I want to try writing a limerick,” she informed me just before succumbing to sleep. That might prove a little more challenging!

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