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Back Into the Swing of Things …

on August 15, 2013

After a Zoo Day Tuesday and a rough day yesterday (the aftermath of too much excitement and too little sleep), both girls woke up happy and eager to start the day today. I wasn’t quite as ready, so I made an exception to our general no-TV-before-afternoon policy and let them watch an episode of Sid the Science Kid while I reviewed grocery ads, planned menus, and made a shopping list. Then it was time to tackle the girls’ least favorite chore of the week: grocery shopping.

Much to the girls’ delight, about half of this week’s shopping was set in the one area of the supermarket they do like — the produce department. Between the two of them, they managed to add raspberries, cantaloupe, grape tomatoes, and corn to an already long list of planned purchases. And that was after I said no to fresh coconut (too much work for Mom!), pineapple (ditto), eggplant (yes, it’s pretty, but the kids don’t actually eat it!), Hatch Chiles (why is my spicy-food-disdaining 5-year-old obsessed with these things???), and probably as many more things that never actually registered on the Mom Radar. The rest of the shopping trip, while perhaps not fun, was at least tolerable … perhaps because the much-desired carton of raspberries somehow managed to stay front and center in the shopping cart.

Errands done, we headed home where the girls built a MagnaTile maze for their Hexbugs while I put groceries away. Building together isn’t usually their forte, and I was admittedly a bit surprised by the welcome peace and quiet. Then, I discovered their motivation. “Stay in here and play with me, {Baby Bear},” I overhead Little Bear say. “Mommy has to put all the refrigerated stuff away before we can have our raspberries, and she can put stuff away a lot faster if we’re not in the kitchen!” … Smart kid! And perhaps I should consider increasing the weekly raspberry budget! …

After raspberries and an early lunch, we finally got started on school work. “Can we p-l-e-a-s-e start with Can You Find Me? K-1,” Little Bear begged. “And some Mind Benders? And more of that new book with all the riddles in it {aka Dr. DooRiddles Book A2}?” (Obviously, the books we’ve gotten from The Critical Thinking Co. tend to be favorites!)

In addition to completing five puzzles from each of the books she asked to do, we rounded out our logic/critical thinking activities for the day with a couple of lessons fromĀ Lollipop Logic Book 1 on identifying similarities, three visual recall challenges from MindWare My First Brainbox, and a jigsaw puzzle.

Moving on to phonics, we …

  • continued on through Unit 8 of The Reading Lesson, focusing on improving fluency, pausing between sentences, and reading with expression;
  • began Skill Sharpeners Spell & Write Kindergarten Unit 6 and practiced writing /-an/ words on the MagnaDoodle;
  • reviewed Primary Phonics Reader 2, unscrambled sentences, completed comprehension assessment, formed short /i/ words with magnetic letters, and practiced writing short /i/ words.

For math, we …

  • practiced counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s;
  • continued working with place value of tens and ones — yesterday, I would give Little Bear a number, help her break it down into 10s and ones, then have her “show” the number using base 10 rods and cubes; today, I supplied numbers in the format of “6 tens and 4 ones” and challenged her to supply the correlated number (i.e. “64”);
  • read and discussed Life of Fred–Butterflies Unit 3.

On the science front, we read The Magic School Bus At The Waterworks and reviewed the water cycle. We sang “Water Travels in a Cycle” several times over. We also brainstormed a list of ways we could conserve water and talked about why it is important to conserve water.

Wrapping up the day, we played with Play-Doh and puzzles. Little Bear drew and colored a recognizable picture of an elephant while Baby Bear scribbled to her heart’s content. Finally, we played a couple of games of Colorama after dinner, then settled down into the recliner to enjoy a fun hour of reading before bed.

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