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Laugh More …

on January 31, 2015

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine. Six and a half years into this crazy venture called “parenting,” I’m finding that laughter is sometimes the *only* medicine that keeps us all sane. It diffuses tension, lightens mood, makes people feel good, and keeps the atmosphere positive.

So how we are going to laugh more this year?

(1) Develop a sense of humor.

You know all those “laugh or cry” moments that go along with parenthood? Well, I’ve found that laughing usually helps us recover a lot faster than crying. So I’m working on finding the humor in diaper fails, craft messes, clothing mishaps, and haircuts executed by pint-sized barber wannabes.  And along with learning to laugh at life’s little mishaps, I’m also learning to laugh at myself

(2) Be silly.

Kids excel at “silly” quite naturally, but I often find myself reining them in — “Don’t sing at the table!” “Don’t hang upside when you’re supposed to be doing your schoolwork!” “Knock it off with knock-knock jokes!”

Now, I think we can all agree that there’s a time and place for silliness and a time and place for more serious behavior. I’m not going to let my kids sing and dance their ways down a hospital corridor or share knock-knock jokes in the middle of a church service. But if Little Bear wants to bounce on an exercise ball while she does her spelling words, or if Baby Bear wants to share her latest favorite song with her immediate family at the dinner table, so be it.

Beyond kid silliness, though, this Mama Bear is making an effort to insert more silliness into daily life. Sometimes a silly voice, a crazy face, or a deliberate “mistake” can make the most tedious tasks a little more fun.

(3) Read silly books or tell silly stories.

Books are our go-to when we all need a reset. We snuggle up in a recliner or on the sofa and read our hearts out. Here are a few silly favorites that appeal to all three of our little people:


(4) Sing silly songs.

Whether we’re watching classic Wee Sing DVDs style= on TV or listening to something like Beethoven’s Wig CDs style= in the van, fun music lightens any mood and brings a smile to the kids’ faces.

(5) Play together!

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