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Library Day

on January 31, 2012

I usually try to get any library books that I want to incorporate in our weekly studies a week in advance, but this week I was behind schedule. So after breakfast and Bible story, we headed to our local library.

Time for fun!

.Little Bear enjoyed listening to a story on the computer in the children’s area, while Baby Bear and I collected our books for this week and next. Little Bear’s story ended about the time I finished gathering books, so we took time to read The Growing Story, a delightful book that follows a boy, a dog, a garden, and a family of chicks through the year. Little Bear wasn’t ready to leave, so she pulled a couple of board books from the reading area and asked me to read to Baby Bear as well.

After our hour-long library visit, we took advantage of a kids eat free deal for lunch, then went to the grocery store where Little Bear helped choose produce and count jars of baby food. Both girls were troopers, even though Baby Bear had missed her morning nap and Little Bear isn’t fond of the grocery store. It was 76 degrees outside, so I decided to postpone our planned snow and Arctic animal study and reward them with a trip to the park.

Today’s lesson? Be it schoolwork, housework, or paid work there’s always work to be done … but warm, sunny days in January should be savored outdoors

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