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Goodbye, January. Hello, February!

on February 1, 2012

A sick Mama Bear, feverish Little Bear, and three loads of laundry delayed the start of our school day today, but we still managed to cover a decent amount of ground.

Little Bear started the day by independently doing a visual discrimination puzzle while Mama Bear started laundry. She got additional problem-solving practice by sorting and completing two puzzles Baby Bear dumped while the puzzle rack was accessible.

We began our day together by reading “Operation: ‘No More Tears!’” from The Jesus Storybook Bible and discussing God’s glorious plan to rescue His people, then reviewing Psalm 23:1-4 (Little Bear’s ongoing memory project) a couple of times.

Moving on to calendar time, we said goodbye to both January and our pocket chart calendar to welcome February and a wall calendar Little Bear made with the help of her Sunday School teachers. We counted the number of days in the month, found today’s date, and reviewed concepts of before and after. We compared February to January and discovered that February was shorter. We also discussed Leap Year and noted that this year is a leap year. Neither of our voices were up to our usual morning songs, but we listened to the February song from our Scholastic Calendar Time Sing-Along Flip Chart & CD so that Little Bear could begin learning the words. Little Bear brainstormed a list of words that began with the same sound as Monday, then listened to words and marched only when she heard an /m/ sound.

As we moved to our Letter of the Week work, Jessica read her Gg alphabet reader aloud with minimal help and practiced tracing uppercase G and lowercase g on the Magnadoodle. We also began learning “The Green Grass Grows All Around” with the help of YouTube and my least favorite cartoon character.

We read two versions of The Three Billy Goats Gruff aloud and took turns pretending to be the different goats. We also ordered pictures of the goats from smallest to largest and oldest to youngest. Next, we read My Goose Betsy and noted that all members of the goose family — goose, gander, and gosling — started with the letter Gg. We continued our animal fun with Giggle, Giggle, Quack . We finished by watching a Weston Woods adaptation of Good Night, Gorilla, giving Mommy’s voice a welcome rest!

Our Gg lunch

By the time our video clip ended, Baby Bear had fallen asleep in Mommy’s arms. Little Bear sat down beside Mommy and sorted 20 pictures according to whether they began or ended with /g/ sound.

We then read My “G” Sound Box and brainstormed a list of as many /g/ words as we could think of. We noted that the letter Gg actually makes two sounds and sorted hard /g/ words from soft /g/ words.

As lunch time approached, Little Bear watched a series of classic Sesame Street clips about the letter Gg, while I prepared a G-themed lunch of grilled cheese, green beans, green pepper strips w/ garlic dip, grapes, gingersnaps, and a granola bar. Letter lunches are easily her favorite part of each week’s letter study.

Following lunch, Little Bear worked independently to complete a cutting exercise, a pasting exercise, a folding exercise, two tracing activities, and two one-to-one correspondence exercises. On a practical note, she also practiced her grouping skills by helping Mama Bear sort clean laundry.

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