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The Week Ahead …

on February 19, 2012

According to my long-range plan, we’re supposed to be focusing on manners and the Letter Jj this week. As I sat down to plan for the upcoming week, though, I glanced at the calendar. … In my original plan, I failed to consider Presidents Day, which we’ll want to observe on Monday. In addition to that detour from “the plan,” Baby Bear has a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, Little Bear has speech therapy on Thursday, and we have MOPS on Friday.

I could try to squeeze a holiday, a theme, a letter, and appointments all into the schedule this coming week. Doing so, however, would probably make us all crazy. And this is preschool. We’re supposed to be having fun.

Instead, I think we’ll deviate from “the plan” and take a more relaxed approach. Monday, we’ll focus on Presidents Day. Tuesday, we’ll play catch-up and finish up the letter Ii activities that we allowed Valentine’s Day to squeeze out of our schedule. Wednesday, we’ll devote to the letter Jj. Thursday, we’ll go to speech therapy, then head to the park to enjoy sunshine and warm weather. We’ll visit the library while we’re out so that I can pick up a few more books that relate to our theme. Friday, we’ll plan on spending the morning at MOPS and the afternoon with Daddy Bear. (Got to fit socialization into the calendar somewhere!)

Next weekend, I’ll assess what we got done and adjust the schedule accordingly. Little Bear knows her letters well enough that it won’t hurt to limit our time on Jj. I don’t want to rush through our manners theme, but wouldn’t mind spreading it out and doing it alongside other themes.

For now, here’s what’s on the agenda:

Monday (Presidents Day)

  • Bible — Read Romans 13, and take time to pray for the current President.
  • Math — Count out the date in pennies. Flip a penny 10 times and graph the number of times it lands on heads v. tails.
  • Art — Fingerpaint a cherry tree top and stick it onto a paper towel tree trunk. Add puffy paint cherries.
  • ScienceĀ  — Use vinegar and salt to clean pennies.
  • Social Studies — Complete an online jigsaw puzzle of the White House. Learn who the current U.S. President is. Talk about the job of the president. Read the following books aloud:


  • Language Arts — Sound out the word “president.” Make the following words from the letters in “president”: pet, sit, ten, rip, net, den, red, dip. Read the legend of George Washington and the Cherry Tree, and talk about what a legend is.


  • Watch video clip of inchworms, and make a paper inchworm. Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Use picture cards to re-tell the story in correct sequence.
  • Read about ice. Make ice pops. Conduct ice melting experiment with ice in cold water, ice in hot water, ice in salt, ice in sugar, and just ice; chart results.
  • Decorate uppercase I with ink drops and turn lowercase i into an ice cream cone.
  • Stop for ice cream after doctor’s appointment.


Letter Jj
Decorate uppercase J with jewel stickers or with scraps of cloth from old jeans. Outline lowercase j with jelly beans.

Jj Lunch
Jam on bread (cut in J shape); jicama; julienned vegetables; Jello; juice

Make a jellyfish and/or jack-in-the-box as seen here. String O-shaped cereal onto pipe cleaners to make jewelry.

Read the story of Joseph. Memorize John 14:6.

Make different types of juice.

Fine motor skills
Use tongs to transfer jellybeans from one jar to another jar; screw lids on jars.

Gross motor skills
Learn to do jumping jacks; play jumping games.

Language Arts
Practice writing names that start with Jj. Complete literacy activities based on “Jack and Jill” and “Little Jack Horner.”

Sort jelly beans by color, count, and graph. See how far Little Bear can jump. Count the date in jumps on the trampoline.

Read about jungle life. Learn why some foods are considered “junk food” and differentiate between junk food and healthy food.

Social Studies
Learn about the country of Japan. (We make do some simple origami and enjoy a Japanese meal as part of this.)

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