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The Many Faces of Gg

on February 3, 2012

A Grinning Face

A Glad Face

A Goofy Face

A Growling Face

We had another beautiful, sunny day today, so we spent much of the afternoon outside and adapted our planned activities accordingly. That meant postponing the last of our snow activities until tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be 20 degrees cooler and overcast.

Today, we focused on the letter G. While Baby Bear napped, Little Bear glued green squares on an uppercase G to make a Great Green G, reminiscent of the G song off Sing Along and Learn: The Alphabet.

Nex, we headed outside, where Little Bear ran through the growing green grass. We played a game of golf (or at least knocked a plastic golf ball around the yard with a toy golf club). Of course, Little Bear wanted to play in the dirt, so we compromised, and she used a stick to practice writing Gg on the ground. Last of all, we painted a lowercase g with glitter glue — affording Little Bear the fun of glitter, while allowing Mama Bear to avoid most of the mess. All in all, we had a great day.

And our final g word for the day? GRUNGY!

A Grimy Face

Time for dinner, bath, and bed!

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