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Swinging into Thursday

on February 23, 2012

Swinging into Thursday ...

Today was our weekly speech therapy/supermarket/park/library day, so academics were limited. We did take time to read a Bible story and a couple of other stories before we left home this morning, and we did much of our calendar time routine in the car.

Winds picked up about the time we got out of the car with our picnic lunch at the park. Little Bear got an unplanned lesson on the power of wind as she tried to both hold onto her lunch and eat it — all the while trying to keep her flying hair out of her food. She also discovered that napkins propelled by the wind can move much faster than Little Bears.

Little Bear counted out the date today by swinging around in circles on the tire swing 23 times over. Just as she finished, two school bus loads of elementary school students descended on the playground, and we made our way to the Tot Park, supposedly reserved for 2- to 5-year-olds. It too was soon overrun, and Little Bear asked to leave. Despite the chaos, no one had bothered the girls or been unkind, so I asked her why she wanted to leave.

“There are just too many people here,” she replied. “It’s too noisy and too crazy. I’m glad I don’t have to go to school with all these kids!”

Getting in on the action!

Always learning ...

We ran an errand, then stopped by our local playground, where just a handful of kids were playing. There, both girls quickly made friends and played happily until it was time go. Little Bear tackled the monkey bars and balance beams, while Baby Bear proved she could climb almost anywhere the bigger kids climbed. Mama Bear instinct kicked in as Baby Bear approached an 8-foot slide, and I made her save that adventure for another day. There are some things that I’m not ready for my 9-month-old to do just yet!

Wrapping up out out-and-about day, we stopped by the library to return this week’s books and to check out books for next week. Letter Jj, here we come!

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