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on February 25, 2012

Always learning ... not always using books

Amid the hustle and bustle of the past couple of days, book work has not been at the top of our agenda. We’ve still squeezed plenty of learning into the schedule, though. Over the past day and a half, we’ve covered the following …

Art: Drew pictures; colored; cut and glued to heart’s content

Bible: Read the story of Esther and watched related DVD; reviewed Letter Ii verse.

Sometimes we just learn about science; other times, we experience it!

Gross Motor Skills: Ran and jumped; kicked ball around yard; rode PlasmaCar (dubbed the “Wiggle Mobile”)

Fine Motor Skills: Strung wooden beads to make a necklace; completed tracing activity; worked with putty

Language Arts: Reviewed CVC words on; completed set of 12 CVC word-building puzzles; played rhyming word game; read together.

Math: Counted out yesterday’s date by 1’s and 2’s; constructed a 24-block Duplo tower using an AB pattern; separated tower into two color groups and discovered that there are two sets of 12 in 24; counted out today’s date by 1’s and 5’s; kicked ball around yard 25 times while counting kicks in ordinal numbers; broke today’s date down into two groups of 10 and five ones; practiced writing date both days.

Signs of spring

Science: Hunted for signs of spring; watched animal science program; completed African wildlife puzzle and identified animals in picture.

Other: Played two games of Richard Scarry’s Busytown Eye Found It (math, strategy, visual discrimination, problem solving, cooperation), one game of Ravensburger Teddy Mix & Match (visual recall; attention to detail), and the traditional Memory game. Built with wooden blocks and MagnaTiles. Participated in preschool play group and in large group activity.

All in all, not too shabby for a couple of “off” days!

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