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Dr. Seuss, Ballet, and the Letter Jj

on February 27, 2012

As we move into a new week, we’re taking time to celebrate one of our favorite authors, Dr. Seuss. We’ll be reading Dr. Seuss books each day this week. We’ll also be cooking up some green eggs, decorating hats, making red and blue fish mosaics, stacking apples, matching objects to their shapes and engaging in any other Seuss-tastic activities we can squeeze into the schedule.

We’ll also be resuming our usual letter of the week activities this week with the letter Jj and doing the letter Jj activities I had planned for last week.

Finally, Little Bear will be starting ballet lessons this week. Technically, she’ll be resuming them, as she had about four months worth of lessons while we were in Korea. That was a year and half ago, though — half a life-time for a preschooler. I’m not expecting her to remember much, but was happy to discover that the too-big leotard she used then (the smallest we could find) now fits her perfectly. Little Bear loves dressing up, twirling around, and pretending to dance; so she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in “real” dance classes. She wanted to know if we had a ballet theme on our school calendar. I told her that it wasn’t, but that we could adjust the calendar to fit her interests. She didn’t want to skip any of our planned themes, so we’ll be turning lesson days (Wednesdays) into ballet theme days for the next month. Flexibility … it’s one of the many advantages of learning at home.

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