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Ballet and Oobleck

on February 29, 2012

Little Bear had her first ballet lesson today — or at least, the first lesson that she remembers. She has some minor gross motor issues, and last night, she started voicing some apprehension about the upcoming class. We’d already committed to the first month, so I suggested that we go today and see how she liked it.

I’d hoped that after a good night’s sleep, she’d wake up eager to embark on this new learning adventure. By midnight, though, it became apparent that a good night’s sleep wasn’t in store for any of us. Little Bear was plagued with a dry, hacking cough that woke her up at least a dozen times over the course of the night. Baby Bear was teething and miserable. So when the alarm sounded at this morning, I found myself questioning whether ballet was such a good idea.


Despite the rough night, though, Little Bear did indeed awake with renewed energy and enthusiasm, ready for her first lesson. She had a few moments of apprehension in the car, but when we got to our destination and she realized that she knew most of the girls in her class, she could hardly contain her excitement long enough for me to put her shoes on. By the time class was over, she didn’t want to leave. Only the promise of another lesson next week got her outside without tears.

Since we’re incorporating a ballet theme into our studies on class days for the next month, she counted out the date in pliĆ©s after we got home. She also listened to music, twirling and dancing around the living room for 29 seconds. (Her instructor wants the girls to listen to classical music and practice moving when the music moves and freezing when the music stops.) She found the date on the calendar, counted out the days until next week’s lesson, and bid good-bye to February.

Just a taste ... of dry-erase marker

Practice makes perfect

Next, I pulled out a stack of ballet-themed printable activities from 1+1+1=1. We used ballerina picture cards to make patterns and hunted for initial sounds on ballerina-themed alphabet pages. Then, Little Bear sat down with her new Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center and completed a ballerina-themed tracing page. While Little Bear was working with one marker, Baby Bear swiped another one, proceeded to remove the cap just like her big sister and take it for a test taste-drive. … Oops!

By mid-afternoon, both girls were ready for snuggles and story time, so we sat down with a stack of Dr. Seuss books. We re-read Bartholomew and the Oobleck, and today we took time to make oobleck. I’d originally planned for this to be an outside project, and in retrospect, it probably should have been. We managed to have plenty of fun inside, though, without causing any permanent damage to the living room.









The oobleck ended up being a more time-consuming project than I’d anticipated. It took awhile to get the mixture just right; then, once Little Bear started playing with it, she was in no hurry to stop. (Not that I blame her! Even Mommy and Daddy got in on the messy fun!)

We ended our day on an ooey-gooey green note. By the time Little Bear tired of the stuff, it was time to clean up and head to AWANA. And so ended another day of hands-on home learning.

2 Responses to “Ballet and Oobleck”

  1. Debbie Olson says:

    Sweetest ballet outfit EVER, and the oobleck looks fun too!

  2. Stefanie says:

    What a precious little ballerina!

    Popping in from from pre-k corner

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