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Tying Up Loose Ends

on January 30, 2012

Mondays usually offer us a fresh start. Since last week’s schedule was derailed by plumbing issues (with no functioning kitchen drain for a day and a half and no hot water for another day), sickness, and doctor’s appointments, though, we’re going to spend today playing catch-up.

We opened our school day by reading and discussing the story of Namaan, our Bible story for today in The Jesus Storybook Bible. We also began memorizing James 1:17a (“Every good and perfect gift is from God.”), listed a few of the good gifts God has given us, and talked about gratitude, our character quality of the week.

During calendar time, we reviewed the months of the year using the movements from the Macarena, grouped months according to season, and matched picture cards with seasons. Then, we completed the final spread of Skip Through the Seasons, a sort of I Spy book with rhymes and pictures to hunt for each month. Little Bear was greatly disappointed to reach the end and insisted the book had to be a permanent part of our morning calendar time activities. I suggested that we begin working our way through a different hunt-and-find book, and with a great sigh of reluctant compromise, she agreed.

Before beginning our morning read-alouds, we located the polar regions on a globe and differentiated between the Arctic and Antarctica. We then read Who Lives in the Arctic?; The Magic School Bus Arctic Adventure; Over in the Arctic: Where the Cold Wind Blows; Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?; and Three Snow Bears.

Mama Bear wasn’t feeling very creative, so for our math activity, we simply counted animals as we read through our read-alouds and made more/less comparisons.

Little Bear completed her handiwork (cutting, pasting, tracing, coloring) while I fixed lunch.

After lunch, we talked about the letter Gg, practiced articulating the /g/ sound, read our Gg word alphabet reader, and identified words that started with Gg. We drew Gg’s in the air, then Little Bear practiced tracing and writing uppercase G on her own. We ended our formal school time by reading a chapter from Children Just Like Me: A Unique Celebration of Children Around the World and the completing the next spread in our Sticker Encyclopedia: Words.

Of course, at 3 1/2. virtually everything is a learning activity. Little Bear chose to fill the rest of the afternoon with a cutting and pasting activity, followed by an episode of Diego, some fresh air and sunshine, and some Play-Doh time. We ended the day with a couple of games of Don’t Break the Ice, then tried to stack the ice blocks in the form of an igloo which Baby Bear thoroughly enjoyed demolishing.

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